Key Insights From Day Two of Inbound 2014


Day two of Inbound 2014 started off with a bang. OK Go warmed up the crowd before David Meerman Scott took the stage as a special presenter. With the audience thoroughly toasty Malcolm Gladwell took the stage to huge applause. He did not disappoint.

Read on for the key points I gathered from the sessions I presented. Unlike yesterday’s post I’m putting everything into bullet points because I took actual notes, though not with a pencil. I still need to get one of those. One caveat before you begin: thought it should go without saying I’ll say it anyway, everything here is paraphrased from what I heard. [Read more...]


Inbound 2014 – Notable Moments from Day One

Inbound 2014 Day One

Inbound 2014 Day One

I’m sitting at Inbound 2014 Day Two waiting for Malcolm Gladwell to take the stage for the morning keynote. I had a full day of sessions yesterday and wanted to provide 1-2 sentence summaries of the main lessons I gained. Here you go! [Read more...]


How I Got A New Job Inside One Month

Job In One Month Sun Rising

A fortuitous meeting I almost didn’t make led to my getting a job exactly one month to the day I was let go from my former one. [Read more...]

Follow Master Yoda's advice padawan

Follow Master Yoda’s advice padawan


What To Do Before Your Job Interview

Nailing your job interview and having means being prepared.

Nailing your job interview and having fun means being prepared.

Now that you’ve got your job interview scheduled, it’s time to find out just who you’re about to talk with.

Here’s how to gather information you can use in your job interviews, and how to use it. [Read more...]


How I’m Finding My Next Job

Get a Job

Looking for another job?

Like marketing a business, finding a job requires taking massive action and doing many things at once.

I’m currently on the hunt for my next job. If you’re in this position, or think you’re about to be, here’s my advice to you based on what I’m doing. [Read more...]


As Google Slowly Kills SEO, What’s Next?

SEO is going out and we're still excited!

SEO is going out and we’re still excited!

After nineteen panda and five penguin updates, Google has changed the game of SEO, making marketing automation the most important tool of marketers today.

It’s October of 2013 and marketers can no longer count on Google telling them which keywords people are using to find their online content. But rather than making content less valuable, it increases the need to track user behavior. [Read more...]


Write A Different Ending

Amen to all of this. And as of today, I’m writing a different ending to my story…

Like this? Learn to build a better life at Good Life Project.


Get Thanked For Your Open Source Projects

Wouldn’t it be great to be thanked for the many hours of work you’ve spent on your open source project?

Well now you can! [Read more...]


And They All Became Quiet

My daughter Palamee started kindergarten today. She was so excited that I almost didn’t get a hug before she got on the school bus. I’m a proud daddy.

Having a child start kindergarten means getting to know the parents of the other kids, as well as the teacher.

Leading up to today, my daughter’s school had a series of play dates, as well as a “meet the teacher” hour.

During the meet the teacher hour, something funny happened.

In order to get everyone’s attention, my daughter’s teacher turned off the lights. Everyone immediately became silent, kids and parents.

Obviously, we’ve all been well trained.