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    Rob is an excellent leader and teammate, whose strengths are efficiency, versatility, and problem-solving. I was impressed by the improvements he made to our team's analysis and data cleaning processes, especially when working on a deadline. He was willing to jump into any project and learn what he needed to learn while staying enthusiastic and supportive. His energy was contagious. What I appreciate most about Rob is that he will lift the skills of everyone on his team. While working with him, I felt empowered to try new things and improve my own skills. If you are looking for a hard-working and highly-skilled analyst, Rob comes highly recommended!
    Sarah Harkins
    Atlantic Media Strategies
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    In my lengthy career in IT engineering, I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of extremely talented and unique people. These people are extremely bright. intelligent, curious, well-rounded and consistently wonderful to be around. Robert Dempsey is one of these people. He is also dedicated, driven and super knowledgeable in many areas - but more importantly, Robert treats everyone in his midst with kindness and warm regard. His sense of humor is infectious. As a person, he is honorable and trustworthy. To sum it up - just awesome - in the real sense of the word - extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration. BRILLIANT!
    Kimberley Buzzell
    IST Research
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    I have worked with Robert at Snagajob. Robert is a high energy engineer leader. He exhibits superior knowledge and skills of data gathering and processing system. I am always impressed by his capability to find unique ways to effectively solve problems. He knows and applies principles, techniques, and practices that demonstrate great competency. He always seeks to share knowledge and mentor co-workers. Keep up the great work!
    Huiyan Lin
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    Working with Robert is phenomenal. I just can't believe the knowledge he has and how he uses it to solve my business challenges. He first listens, then offers ideas on how to address my issue. As soon as we agree on a strategy, it is put in place. Practically before we have completed the call, I see results. And the results I see are not just little changes either. They are immediate, huge and virtually unbelievable. Robert is as serious about making it happen for my business as I am. I recommend him to all my clients and everyone has had the same fabulous experience that I have had. Thank you, Robert.
    Lauri Flaquer
    Saltar Solutions
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    I met Robert many years ago. His high energy and passion is an instantly recognisable and commendable characteristic. Robert's fervency is well supported by his great skill and understanding. He has the ability to speak to anyone, no matter who it may be and explain even the most difficult tasks. Along with his passion he ensures that people have the answer they are seeking. His advice has been invaluable and not only will he get my services again, I will cheerfully recommend him to anyone I can.
    Zach Inglis
    Superhero Studios
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    Robert is a skilled Project Manager who helped to develop our Agile and Scrum processes that we use today at NFi. Not only has his expertise with Agile and Scrum help NFi a tremendous amount but he also helped to streamline our project management system and practices. You'd be hard pressed to find a better PM/Agile/Scrum expert than Robert.
    Derek Bender