What Is Your 20x?

What Is Your 20x?

According to Commander Mark Divine, a 20-year Navy Seal veteran and founder of SEALFIT, we are all capable of at least 20x more than we believe we're capable of. That can be physical, mental, emotional, or any part of our lives.

To achieve 20x, we need to develop five character attributes:

  1. Desire: knowing your why
  2. Belief: having an underlying expectation that you will achieve victory
  3. Attitude: a positive drive that propels you and a team of individuals toward your why
  4. Discipline: what you're willing to put in and give up everyday to move toward your why
  5. Determination: your staying power over the long haul; burn your boats on the shore of commitment

For me, 20x is achieving the Spartan Trifecta – finishing each of the Spartan distance races, Sprint, Super and Beast, in a calendar year – in 2015.

What is your 20x?

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