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Robert Dempsey, CEO & Founder

Robert Dempsey, CEO & Founder of Dempsey Marketing

“Use immediate action to conquer new challenges in an unstoppable way” is the credo of this entrepreneur. With a long history of successes, Robert Dempsey started his first business at 22, without any business experience.

He then launched Atlantic Dominion Solutions, which he grew to 9 full-time employees, a Fortune 50 clientele, with revenues of over $500,000, in less than 18 months.

In an effort to share his knowledge with others, Robert started Life of the Freelancer and within 3 months hit the front page of Google, hosted over 420 Facebook Fans, 1000+ daily visitors, over 1200 RSS Subscribers, and more than 2000 iTunes subscribers. This experience landed Robert a Social Media Campaign gig for a successful Hollywood release.

Consistently a high achiever, Robert wrote and published his own newsletter in grade school, snagged first place in the science fair for work done at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center and achieved black belt status, competed in tournaments, eventually taught martial arts. Meanwhile he mastered the Japanese language while in high school.

After a brief stint in college majoring in science, Robert studied at the renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Later developing an interest in IT, Robert developed high level expertise in web development, eventually speaking at conferences nationally and internationally. Turning his sights to business Robert received his MBA from the Crummer Graduate School of Business in Winter Park, FL.

Yet, his most exciting endeavor to date, Dempsey Marketing was launched in late 2010. Unlike many companies that focus on mathematical aspects of marketing, Robert takes a scientific approach to business growth. Using a unique three pillared strategy he incorporates psychology, consumer behavior and lastly technology to exceed the goals of his clients.

After living with his family in Thailand for a year-and-a-half, Robert returned to Minnesota where he is growing Dempsey Marketing, serving an international client roster.

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Client Testimonials

[testimonial company=”SagePresence” author=”Dean Hyers” image=””]

Robert Dempsey tripled our site activity in one week!

The experience we got with Robert Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing was one of the most tangible, results-oriented, metrics-driven processes I’ve ever experienced. So many times you pay for marketing or consulting services, after which you say, “I think that will do some good.” Robert took the guess-work out of measuring his impact, documenting over 350% improvement in site visits, and over 360% increase in page views, along with many other gains. The people who are coming to our new site are actually staying there, reading it, and taking actions that are converting into sales. Only part way through week two after our launch, we’re seeing huge increases in Twitter and Facebook followers, and unbelievably high search-engine ranking, because Robert knows how to integrate our website with social media and search engines alike.

Robert Dempsey grasped our company and our goals. He’s fun to work with and excited about seizing opportunities to help his clients make more money. Robert sees opportunities I could never have spotted, going beyond marketing to systematically create customers and sales.Robert makes big impact quickly, and does most of the work for you, from SEO optimization, sales-letters that integrate with search engines, and techniques that bring in the right customer and connect them to the transaction.

This was faster and more effective than I could have imagined. If you ever think you can do it yourself better, you haven’t experienced Robert Dempsey. Nothing would make him happier than making you more money quicker, by applying his vast expertise to make the web work for you. At SagePresence, we’re glad we gave Robert Dempsey and Dempsey Marketing a chance to show us what we could do on the web. We look more professional and our business is working better because what’s under the hood has got it where it counts!


[testimonial company=”Decision Pulse” author=”Nick Tasler” image=””]

Thank you, Robert! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your knowledge not just about web development and online marketing, but also marketing in general was tremendously helpful! It’s the comprehensive guidance and focus on solutions for me, rather than problems for you that makes you a good vendor for just about everything.

That is the real difference-maker for me, and you exceeded expectations there!


[testimonial company=”Saltar Solutions” author=”Lauri Flaquer” image=””]

Working with Robert Dempsey has been a dream come true. The action orientation and leadership that he takes of my site and my business are amazing. For the first time in my 10 years in business I have a look that accurately reflects the high level of service that I provide to my clients. My site is serious, while clearly communicating the fact that I do business differently. The design instills enough confidence in the visitor that they are motivated to contact me.

With this new site, I am positioned for success. My site has been instrumental in helping me command the fee structure that I deserve. It clearly differentiates me from the competition while propelling me forward.

The second best decision I ever made, the first being engaging Robert, was to have him conduct the Search Engine Optimization. No longer shooting in the dark, I am now speaking the language of the customer. My blog stats are way up, my page views are way up and Saltar Solutions is poised for exponential growth. Thank you, Robert!


[testimonial company=”London Made” author=”Zach Inglis” image=””]

I met Robert many years ago. His high energy and passion is an instantly recognizable and commendable characteristic. Robert’s fervency is well supported by his great skill and understanding. He has the ability to speak to anyone, no matter who it may be and explain even the most difficult tasks. Along with his passion he ensures that people have the answer they are seeking.

His advice has been invaluable and not only will he get my services again, I will cheerfully recommend him to anyone I can.



Testimonials From Past Businesses I’ve Built

Sterling Raphael, President/CEO, NFi Studios

Sterling RaphaelRobert is a project management expert, true leader, team player, and an ultimate problem solver. I’ve seen him excel as the person that can come in and clean up challenges, while initiating new process and procedures that promote progress and efficient operations. He’s a an energetic and positive person around any team and makes people around him better. NFi Studios is proud and thankful to have Robert as partner and friend.

Lincoln Murphy, Business Development Manager, Morph Labs, Inc.

Lincoln MurphyRobert is an amazing entrepreneur with a seemingly endless amount of energy. From his Software Development firm to his Event Promotions, I know few professionals with as much passion for what they do and drive to make things happen. I consider Robert a great asset to my network.

Guy Naor, CTO, Morphlabs

Guy NaorRobert is very knowledgeable and loves to share his knowledge with others. He is very approachable, communicates well and is always glad to help. He also has a great understanding of development processes and can write well tested and maintained code.

It is always a great pleasure to work with Robert.

Ben Yoskovitz, Co-Founder, Standout Jobs, Inc.

Ben YoskovitzRobert is a great guy and a great entrepreneur.

He’s built a very strong software company and served as evangelist for the Ruby on Rails community.


Allan Branch, Vice President / Designer, Less Everything

Allan BranchRobert is truly one of the nice guys in the tech industry.

He’s a class act, savvy business man and all around solid person to do business with.


Leah Silber, Director of Operations, Engine Yard

Leah SilberRobert’s been a pleasure to work with! He’s a pleasant, intelligent and reasonable guy, and he’s great about keeping in touch, and keeping on top of things.

My team is looking forward to working with Robert again!

Dean Cruse, VP Marketing & Sales, FiveRuns

Dean CruseRobert is a terrific partner for FiveRuns. His knowledge of the Ruby on Rails market and willingness to help others learn through the ADS blog, acts_as_conference and Rails for All are true assets to the Rails community.

If you are in the market for Rails development services, or simply advice on Rails, I would highly recommend Robert and the team at ADS.

Dan Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer, Rails Machine, LLC

Dan BenjaminI’m really impressed with Robert’s knowledge of technology and business. He combines both tenacity and expertise in the leadership and positioning of his company.

He’s a great guy to work with on a business and personal level.

Mark Sawyier, President and Founder, Off Campus Media

Mark SawyierRobert’s approach to client relationships truly makings the web development process smoother and easier for his clients. Through his hands on approach, Robert keeps his clients completely in the loop about their project’s progress. Moreover, his dedication to RoR through his non-profit is a testament to his true support and involvement with RoR codewriting. Robert brings his expertise and in-depth knowledge of RoR to every project, thereby providing his his clients invaluable benefits to their projects. If you’re thinking about web development, you need to work with him.

Paul Klipp, President, Lunar Logic Polska

Paul KlippI have worked with Robert on several projects now and all have gone smoothly due in large part to his masterful management of customer expectations and his ability effectively coordinate developers and even non-technical clients to achieve a shared vision of success. He’s enthusiastic about what he does and has a passion for excellence. Working with him is a pleasure that I would recommend to anyone

Todd J. Fisher, Catering and Convention Services Manager, Walt Disney World

Todd FisherI am pleased to recommend Robert Dempsey as a passionate leader and someone who knows how to get the job done. As the leader of a company and a true professional, he has demonstrated his willingness to work collectively with a team or independently. His commitment to creating a quality product to his cohort or a client does not waiver, and he is always striving to do his best. Robert and I have worked together on a few projects and his attention to detail and desire to present his best work are solid attributes that will translate to any role or endeavor of which he pursues.

Chris Coddington, Technical Recruiter, Veredus Corporation

Chris CoddingtonI’ve had the opportunity with interact with Rob the last few years through local User Groups and Tech Conferences. He’s always been someone willing to help out where needed — often going above and beyond what’s expected. Rob has always been very open and willing to share his expertise and knowledge – something that has been much appreciated. I’d gladly recommend him and his team!!

Jason Cartwright, Independent Software Vendor/Consultant, Enspired Software

Jason CartwrightRobert is one of my most trusted “go-to” guys when it comes to project management consulting and running a technology business. We worked together to produce a regional conference for Ruby on Rails in Orlando in 2008 and 2009. Robert is dynamic, very knowledgeable and extremely generous with his time and expertise.


Derek Bender, Creative Director, NFi Studios

Derek BenderRobert is a skilled Project Manager who helped to develop our Agile and Scrum processes that we use today at NFi. Not only has his expertise with Agile and Scrum help NFi a tremendous amount but he also helped to streamline our project management system and practices. You’d be hard pressed to find a better PM/Agile/Scrum expert than Robert.


Doug Schlenker, Technology Consultant

Doug SchlenkerRobert and his team at Atlantic Dominion Solutions are leading the way in Ruby on Rails development. Robert is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely personable and easy to work with. He has an impressive depth of knowledge in the rails framework and is always pressing the boundaries of what we think can be done. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with ADS.

Brian Suto, VP of Business Development, Source2

Brian SutoI had the privilege of working with Rob extensively over the past few years on a wide variety of projects. Rob has the unique ability to creatively see a vision for a project and then unite a team to work together to make that vision becomes a reality. He is one of the hardest working individuals I have partnered with and someone whom I will personally recommend and try to involve in as many projects that I can in the future. He did not even hesitate to selflessly donate his time to work on a project for my fiancé’s school for children with cerebral palsy. It has been a pleasure working with Rob and leveraging his vast experience and business acumen. Not only is Rob a great business partner but he is a great person and an even better friend.

Peter A. Aguirre, Director of Performance Improvement, Diagnostic Imaging

Peter AguirreRob Dempsey is one of my original cohorts at Rollins College, Crummer School of Business. .I had the privilege of working with during the first year of our graduate program as he was one of my original team members. Rob is an exceptionally bright, dedicated individual with great ITS skills. He possesses a unique ability to express any complicated situation, in its simplest terms. Rob is an experienced hardworking entrepreneur always open for a challenge or new opportunity. Anyone who can call Rob a friend is better for it.

Hayden Olson, Business Administrator – Latin American Subsidiaries, DynCorp International

Hayden OlsonRob has a special drive that very few posses. He embodies the fundamentals of Atlantic Dominion Solutions, the company he founded and developed, which are collaboration, to enable, and success. I have had the opportunity to work with him on numerous occasions both in the classroom and in the “real” world. I would fully recommend him to anyone looking for advice on how to improve transparency that leads to agility and thus improve your company’s performance. I look forward to working with him in the future as well.

Allan Topher, Investment Analyst, NewGate Capital Partners

Allan TopherAccording to Ben Franklin, ‘all mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.’ Rob belongs 100% in the ‘those that move’ category. I had the privilege of working with Rob on an Entrepreneurship Course project & I sat right next to him during the last four months of our MBA program. Rob is not a ‘maintenance’ guy. He’s not the type to be content with merely repeating what has worked without asking ‘what if?’ He’s got a Christopher Columbus in him. He combines the probing mind of a CSI officer with the curiosity of a 4-yr old – a combination that makes him one of the emerging entrepreneurs of his generation. A brilliant designer, Rob is one of the most competent & engaging presenters I’ve ever listened to. His slide design & presentation ability always reminds me of such slide:ologists & presentation maestros as Steve Jobs, Nancy Duarte, Garr Reynolds, Guy Kawasaki & Seth Godin. I see Rob, someday soon, on the cover of ‘Inc’ and ‘Fast Company’ magazines

Jennifer Gase, MBA, Executive Director, Conductive Education Center of Orlando

Jen GaseI have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rob both academically and professionally. Rob was a tremendous asset to our MBA cohort at Rollins College. He is able to multi-task several important projects at one time, and continually yields superior results. Additionally, Rob and his company, ADS, created a comprehensive CRM system for the non-profit organization that I run. This system allows us to accurately track and organize all of our contacts from clients to donors. It has made our organization more efficient and allowed us to create targeted marketing and recruitment campaigns. Rob’s professionalism, work ethic and talent made him an excellent partner for our organization. I strongly recommend Rob and his company for any web application needs. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please contact me at any time.

Leo Procopio, Partner/ Creative Producer, STLEO LLC

Leo ProcopioRob is an amazing multi-tasker. I have witnessed him working on his Mac during the most complicated lectures and he still gets it. I think he has two brains in his head. A brilliant presenter and a master at his craft. To turn down an opportunity to work with him would be a huge mistake. He IS the wave of the future. Where are you going?



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