How Is Your Company Adapting To Changing Consumers?

Thanks to the Internet and the rise of social media platforms, consumers have changed their behavior, and their expectations of the companies they connect with. In this video you'll gain the guidance you need to adapt to changing consumer expectations.

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How Are You Adapting?

How have you seen your clients expectations change over time? What changes have you made in your business to adapt to them?

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  1. Great vid, Robert. My clients are still trying to catch up. Integration across all channels is a challenge, especially when divvying up dollars. Often the ones that show the highest conversion sources continue to draw the most investment, while others–like mobile–get leftovers when they should really be fed more. As you are showing here, they could quickly outpace the websites if business would invest in (and trust) their mobile strategies. Thanks!

    • A comprehensive plan is a necessity. However, many small businesses and entrepreneurs can’t dive in head-first as they don’t have the budget of a large company. My recommendation to them is to look at each of the types of media, and select 1-2 of each type to combine into a strategy. Then it’s test, test test!

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