The Answers You Seek Are Within You

So often we look outside of ourselves for answers. On one level this makes sense. If we don't have an answer, surely someone else must. However, is that really true? Or, do we already have much of the knowledge we need in order to make the decision that is best for us?

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had at Advanced BTS a few weeks ago, along with the metaphorical removal of my limiting character, was that the answers I seek are within myself. This set me on a path of reconnecting at a deeper level with my spirituality, increasing my ability to see auras, and meditating on a regular basis. It has also set me on a path of finding a greater purpose for Dempsey Marketing, which I believe I have.

I believe we have access to more answers than we can immediately perceive; however, we block ourselves from this knowledge for various reasons:

  1. We live too much in our left-brain (logic and reason)
  2. Monkey-mind: a large amount of mental chatter crowds out beneficial thoughts
  3. We've become disconnected from our spirituality
  4. Ego: we believe that we already have all the answers and have stopped looking
  5. Fear: that we might find an answer we don't like, or even that we might find an answer within!

Now, I'm not talking about  “how-to” problems such as how to use a computer application or write a book. I'm talking about the really important things in life.

A few of the questions I've answered introspectively, through meditation, are:

  1. How can I make Dempsey Marketing more than just a marketing business, and have a strong, positive impact on everyone we touch?
  2. Should we move now or wait until March?
  3. What is the best way to connect with the people we can best help?

I've received answers to those questions and many more. And you can to!

Step 1: Ask The Question

In order to get an answer, you first have to ask a question.  The more specific you are, the better.

When, at the conscious level, you ask a question, your sub-conscious goes to work. Each night when you sleep, your brain assimilates experiences from the day, and literally re-wires itself. In scientific terms, this is called neuroplasticity.

If you want your brain to provide a solution, you need to give it a question to answer. In time, the answer will appear.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on.

– Jack Canfield and D.D. Watkins, Key To Living The Law Of Attraction

Step 2: Seek The Answer

This is where meditation comes into play. Meditation is a pro-active method of seeking an answer. There are many meditations you can use, including:

  • Elemental Journey Meditation – detect energy imbalances in the body, mind and spirit
  • Burning Meditation – burn away stress and mental fatigue
  • Crystal Meditation – clear your mind, reduce stress, heal your body, improve problem-solving, and build your skills and abilities in any area of your life
  • Dragon Meditation – burn away blockages in your energy centers to open your perception, and target specific areas for healing
There are a few keys to gaining answers during meditation:
  1. Be clear on your intention for your meditation; write it down
  2. Be in a comfortable position
  3. Meditate in a room where you don't normally sleep
  4. Remain alert by giving yourself the added intention: “I will stay awake and alert during this meditation”
  5. If anything distracting occurs, let it pass and remain relaxed
  6. When finished, record your experience in a journal

I can't recommend meditation enough. It is very relaxing, and one of the best ways to reconnect with your spiritual and energetic self, something many have lost touch with.

Step 3: Be Receptive To The Answer

Step 3 is the most important, as this is when you will get your answer.

Sometimes the answer may be immediately obvious, such as when you meditate and the solution is provided. Other times it may be more subtle.

The process, and therefore the experience, of life itself is organic – that is to say, nonlinear by definition.

– David R. Hawkins, Power Vs. Force

Rather than a single cause bringing you a solution, the combination of your experiences will provide an answer. It will appear, in your mind, organically. Here's an example.

The way I created Dempsey Marketing was organic:

  1. I had success with my web development business and was looking for something new.
  2. I created Life Of The Freelancer, but couldn't monetize it.
  3. Lauri Flaquer, a biz consultant I had interviewed, met with me about LOTF and told me I had the right message but the wrong market.
  4. Within a few months, I turned a personal marketing blog, one I thought would help me in the affiliate marketing industry, into Dempsey Marketing.

It doesn't stop there though. If I hadn't had a background in technology and business, I never would have had the skill or legitimacy to build a marketing business. In addition, if I hadn't been looking for something new while doing my web development business, I never would have dove as deep into marketing as I did.

On a side-note, even though the above list is numbered one through four, the order of those items isn't completely linear. I had started the marketing blog BEFORE I spoke with Lauri.

Some might look at that and say that I was in the right place at the right time. Others, such as myself, see it as providence – it is what I was meant to do, for it could be no other way.

I say all of this to make a singular point – after you ask the question, be receptive to the answer. Otherwise, it might pass right in front of your face and you'd never know it! And that, would be very sad.

Keep On Keepin On

In closing I want to reiterate that I am not telling you to stop reading books, going to classes and seminars, buying personal development products, and talking with other people. All of that is critically important, and helps to add to the base of knowledge and experience from which you can pull.

What I am saying is that you have more answers within yourself than you know. First you need to ask the question, then seek the answer, and absolutely be receptive to it.

Look without, but never forget to look within too. You might be surprised at how much you find in there.

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  1. Hey Robert, this is great stuff and as we live this thing called life and realize the importance of living our purpose, the more we need to do all that you outlined here.

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