Are You A Conscious Entrepreneur?

Mastermind groups are a powerful resource for entrepreneurs. There are numerous benefits to being surrounded by people that are supportive, give unselfishly of their time, are on the same wavelength as you are, and that you can help too.

Another great resource for entrepreneurs are accountability partners. We who are self-employed know all too well how easy it is to fill the time we have with activities that aren't always helping us get to our goals.

Now, what if we could combine the concepts of mastermind groups and accountability partners? That's what the Conscious Entrepreneurs Group is all about.

Conscious Entrepreneur

A “conscious entrepreneur” isn't your average entrepreneur. She is someone that is striving to build a business that goes beyond merely providing products and services. Her business makes a true difference in the lives of everyone that comes into contact with everyone working there.

He is a life-long learner, consuming content in all its formats – video, audio and text. He seeks to improve both his business, and himself.

She is someone that takes 100% responsibility for her life. She has a strong spiritual base from which she can draw energy. She is a woman of action.

We are supportive of each other in our journey for greater consciousness and awareness.

We are the Conscious Entrepreneurs.

If you are one of us, please join us on Facebook.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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