B2B Marketers Focusing On Lead Generation And Conversion

In a recent survey by eMarketer, 55% of respondents said that acquiring leads is their top priority, followed closely by converting leads. And what are those marketers using to get more leads? Content.

Now that's a plan I can get behind! Content is a fantastic way to generate leads and sales, and at the soon to launch Dempsey Advertising we'll make your content work harder for you. But with so many types of content to choose from, how do you pick what might work best?

Content comes in many forms. The forms B2B marketers are using are:

  • Blog posts
  • Webinars & virtual events
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Data-driven research reports
  • User/peer created content
  • Vendor-sponsored whitepapers
  • Podcasts

Just how much of each is in this graphic from eMarketer:

eMarketer Important Content Types

eMarketer Important Content Types

Here's My Content Lineup

When you're goal is leads my top choices are whitepapers (aka free reports) and videos advertised via blog posts. An occasional data-driven report is good to add to the mix as well.

The reason I'm such a big fan of whitepapers is that many entrepreneurs and businesses, including you, have a lot of expertise that's taken for granted. I bet you could use mindmapping and come up with at least 20 ideas for whitepapers within 10 minutes. That's 2 ideas per minute! You can totally do that.

It's a matter of getting the knowledge out of your head and onto paper, so to speak. Once you start typing you'll find your problem is knowing when or if to stop.

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