3 Ways To Beat SEO Competition That Doesn’t Use Keywords

When creating an SEO strategy, it's common to create your list of keywords using words and phrases that have to do with your products and services. It's also common to take a look at your competition, and see which words and phrases they're ranking for.

Back in 2009, after Matt Cutts announced that Google no longer used the keyword meta tag as a ranking factor (link), many websites stopped using them. One reason, is that competitors could no longer determine what keywords they were trying to rank for.

In one aspect this is great; however, when you're trying to do competition research, it doesn't help. So how do you beat your competition in SEO when you don't know the keywords they are using? Let's take a look at 3 ways.

#1 – Do A Dream 100 Effort

This is a strategy I learned from Chet Holmes, and has served us very well. What you do is:

  1. Write a list of the top 100 companies you want to work with
  2. Create a 6-9 month communication campaign where you send them a communication every two weeks – email, video, CD, DVD, gift, etc.
  3. Continue hammering away (nicely) until you get the meeting

It took Chet 2 years of this to get in front of Tony Robbins; however, he never gave up, and it rewarded him very nicely. So keep in mind that you may need more than 9 months for larger prospects.

#2 – Start Speaking Publicly

I was doing keyword research recently for one of our clients. I was surprised that none of their competition were using keywords on their pages, nor did they have description tags. The basics of SEO? Out the window.

Instead, what these people were doing was, in essence, personal branding. They were out there speaking to audiences, cultivating their names and reputations.

When you speak in front of a group, you are given instant credibility. And not only that, if you stay for the rest of the event (which you get to do for free), you can network with attendees after. During those times, leverage your “expert” status, and build relationships.

#3 – Go Where Your Ideal Clients Are

Start by going to local networking events. Take plenty of business cards, and go with the intention of helping those you speak with, and forming relationships. Do not try to sell someone the first time you meet them. Nothing turns someone off faster.

Even better than networking events are paid events, specifically ones where your ideal clients are. These folks are known buyers, and more likely to spend money on products and services that those just kicking tires.

See The Trend?

Basically it comes down to being proactive, and getting out from behind the computer. There is nothing more powerful than meeting people face-to-face.

How Do You Compete?

In an Internet of disappearing keywords, how do you beat your SEO competition? Are you using any of the above 3 to get clients, or are you focusing purely on online methods?

Let's talk about it in the comments below. See you there!

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