Black Hat Data Wrangling

Black Hat Data Wrangler
Simply put, the goal of any good data wrangler is to make data more accessible.

Consider the antithesis, the idea of hiding and obfuscating your data but still publishing it on the web. Let's learn from the our anti-hero, the black hat data wrangler.

Who wants to foil the data wrangler?

  • A corporation required to publish financial data.
  • A political campaign with sensitive contributors lists.
  • An industry heading toward regulation, and would like to hide their status.
  • A digital content provider that displays the goods before a sale.
  • A local government agency feeling the burden of being forced to respond to FOIA requests.

In this talk Robert Dempsey (organizer/Data Wranglers DC) Travis Hoppe (organizer/Hack&Tell) and will divulge the dark secrets of black hat wrangling. You'll learn the numerous ways you can make data publicly available yet hard to obtain. In the spirit of a good hacking talk, we’ll discuss all the ways to defeat each tactic.

Join us Wednesday night!

While you wait, share the worst dataset you’ve ever encountered in the comments below.

Get The Slides

The slides and code can be obtained by visiting Travis' GitHub page.

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