Disengaging Hermit Mode

Walking down the road

It's been too long since I posted here, and I wanted to bring you up to date on what's going on with me, and turn you on to some cool marketing stuffs.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and let's go! [Read more…]


Automate Gathering Client Information From LinkedIn

Linkedin Data Scraping

One of the biggest challenges for any marketer is to create content that is relevant to their target market. Because content is the basis of all marketing today, getting it right is very important. Have the wrong content, and you repel the people you're trying to attract. But have the right content, and you're golden.

Since becoming the Director of Engagement at Intridea, I've been working to answer this question for us. The pursuit of an answer has led me to begin gathering information from a variety of sources in order to get a full picture of what's “relevant” to our clients. One of those sources is LinkedIn. [Read more…]


Proof: Social Media Does In Fact Increase Sales

Social Media Marketing Benefits

The annual “Social Media Marketing Industry Report” from Social Media Examiner continues putting nails into the coffin of the “social media doesn't have ROI” argument we've been hearing for years. [Read more…]


Complete List Of LinkedIn Company Industries

Many CRM (customer relationship management) applications allow you to set up custom fields, as well as import data from external sources. When working B2B, one field I always set up, if it isn't already there, is the LinkedIn company page URL. If your CRM allows you to import LinkedIn data, you can get the company information automagically. If it doesn't, it's time to set up some custom fields to hold that information. [Read more…]


Introducing The Entrepreneurial Time System

I've tried just about every time management system you can think of, from applying Agile and Kanban techniques from software development to my day, to Getting Things Done, to scheduling literally every minute of my day. I've gone from complete flexibility in my day to having none whatsoever.

After years of trying every system I could find, I've finally found a very simply method of managing my week: The Entrepreneurial Time System® from Dan Sullivan.

Principle #40 in The Success Principles is “Redefine Time” and is where I found this method of time management. It's very simple, and you can literally begin implementing it right now. Here's how it goes.

You break your week into three types of days: focus days, buffer days, and free days. [Read more…]


What Does It Take To Market A New Business?

For every business owner, having a website is critical. It can literally make or break your chances of being successful. And not all websites are created equal. Some can help your business attract the types of clients you want and capture leads, while others can turn people away from working with you purely by the impression they give. So what's the difference, and how can you avoid losing customers because of your website? [Read more…]


Without Social Media Your SEO Is Going Nowhere

Two years ago you could get your webpages ranked in the search engines if you followed a simple formula. You started with keyword research to find the right keywords, you then wrote content which the search engines loved, and finally you'd build some high-quality links to let Google and others know that people valued that content.

Today, the SEO game has drastically changed. Today, if you want your website to even show up in Google, you need to harness the power of social media. [Read more…]


The Path For Improving Your Business Is Found By Improving Yourself

For many years, I felt that success was elusive. Just when I thought I had it, it seemed to slip through my fingers. I was frustrated, overworked, and I wasn't physically or mentally as healthy as I wanted to be. Life was very good – I had had previous success, I had a business, a wonderful wife, and a fabulous daughter. However, I felt something was still missing, something was holding me back from achieving everything I wanted in life. That something, was myself. [Read more…]


Blueprint For New Business Marketing

SEO, social media, Google AdWords, retargeting, blogging, video, mobile websites, e-commerce, – it's enough to drive a new business owner crazy.

Let's stop the madness! [Read more…]


5 Tips For Building An Agile Entrepreneurial Mind

A key trait of successful entrepreneurs is agility. And while ninja-like physical reflexes are a nice to have, what I'm really talking about is mental agility. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to think fast, and think correctly. Here are my tips for keeping an agile entrepreneurial mind. [Read more…]