I'm currently reading Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century, which so far is an excellent book.

Reading about robots has inspired me to code again. So, I'm slinging some python code and creating a tool that will keep track of changes in web pages, and email me the change when there is one.

Why am I doing this? It's part of keeping up with competitors.

Why build my own tool when there are web services out there that can do this for me? With my own tool, not only am I in full control, I can do whatever I want with the data. And that's where the real fun comes in.

Vive la coding!


Stuffed Animals


Life Is Not A Test


Carpe Diem

Today is your day to shine.

Today is your day to show the world who you truly are.

Today is your day to rise above.

Today is your day to achieve the life you've always dreamed of having.

Today is your day to win.

Today is your day. Seize it!


I've deleted World of Warcraft off my Mac 3 times within the past two years. I was playing it way too much. Having said that, I love playing Multiwinia from Introversion. Quick 10 minute games.


Congrats To Chuck Bartok For Winning The Kindle Fire HD

With more than 200 entries to our Kindle Fire HD contest, we have a winner – Chuck Bartok! Chuck will be receiving:

  1. Brand new Kindle Fire HD 7″
  2. Marware Screen Protectors
  3. Kindle Powerfast
  4. $50 Amazon Gift Card
  5. Dempsey Marketing Website SEO Audit

Congratulations to Chuck, and a huge thank you to everyone who entered. [Read more…]


The Balance Of Being A Husband, Father And Entrepreneur

We married male entrepreneurs face a much different set of challenges than our forebears. The “traditional” family structure of the husband providing 100% of the family income while the wife stays at home with the kids is dead. Two-income households are the norm, and with women at work, men are required to take on additional household responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, father, and a husband to a wife who is also an entrepreneur, I have found balancing responsibilities to be more a matter of choice, than adherence to traditional cultural norms.

This article is inspired by a recent Atlantic article, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Mrs. Slaughter wrote about her experience being a mother while holding high positions including Director of Policy Planning at the State Department (2009-2011) and Dean of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. While it would be presumptuous of me to attempt a summarization of the article, which I recommend you read in full, it made me think of the challenges that I face.

This is what I would like to discuss with you today. [Read more…]


Happy 4th Of July 2012!

A very happy 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans at home and abroad! I hope you have a fantastic holiday today, and get to spend time with your family.

236 years ago our founding fathers took a huge chance by declaring their independence from Britain, arguably the most powerful nation on the face of the earth at the time. It was a big risk. For them it was the right thing to do, and it change the course of history.

America was founded by such men, men willing to risk it all to gain the freedom they so desperately wanted, freedom they believed was a right. But they were not alone in their fight. Men and women both white and black fought and died for the independence of our country. It is because of their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of countless others over the past few hundred years that we enjoy our freedom and place in the world.

I thank them.

I also thank the men and women that today continue to secure our freedom and the freedom of those who, like us, know they deserve it and are fighting for it.

America is not a perfect country. As Winston Churchill said, “democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” We have a long way to go – we all do. But having traveled to many countries, living abroad for close to two years, and seeing the conditions of many others, I will say frankly that I love my country and would prefer to live nowhere else.

While you are enjoying your day off be cognizant and thankful for those that have come before that allow us many opportunities that others don't have. This is something we should never take for granted. Keep it all in perspective.

Well, enough reading blog posts – go get your grill on! That's where I'm heading today. One benefit of living in a German town is grilled brats and sauerkraut topped off tonight with steak. That's how we roll!

Have an excellent 4th of July this 2012.


Week In Review – May 6, 2012

As I write this it’s been raining for more than 12 hours straight. That’s good because we need it. April-June are the hottest months of the year here in Chiang Mai, with temperatures averaging between 102-110F daily. Needless to say I’ve been staying inside as much as possible, enjoying the air conditioning and working my ass off.

This week was another busy one. Let’s get into it.

Books Read And In-Progress

I started and finished an excellent book by Doc Searls of Cluetrain Manifesto fame – The Intention Economy. Doc believes, and is working towards, enabling customers to take control of their data and provide it to vendors on an as-needed basis, on their terms. This would relieve many companies of the need to track, or really attempt to track, all of the movements of their current and potential customers online. More about that later in the post. [Read more…]


Are You My Accountant?

I'm looking for an accountant, and here's what I need. Is this you?

We'll start our relationship with me describing my business and where I'm going with all this. From that you'll create a proper chart of accounts that makes the most sense. As you're the pro I'll leave that to you.

As we spend money I'll email you my receipts. As we make money I'll send you that information too. You keep track of all that goodness and email me, on a weekly basis, financial statements – P&L, balance sheet – the usual stuff. On a monthly basis we'll hop on a call and talk financial strategerie. At the end of the year if you can do my taxes that would also rock. [Read more…]