Control F.lux With Alfred

What It Is

F.lux is an Alfred workflow for controlling aspects of F.lux, an app that makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day – warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

Activating Color Effects and Disabling Flux

Activate the Workflow

The keyword trigger flux will bring up the list of available workflow options.

Activate Darkroom

The darkroom color effect makes your screen a crazy red with white and gray everything else. Try it out to experience it for yourself by selecting “Activate F.lux darkroom”.

flux-activate-darkroom [Read more…]


What You Must Do And Stop Doing To Be Healthy [Infographic]

We've all seen the men and women in fashion magazines, who seem to make looking good easy. We've also seen how media companies manipulate photographs and cover models use steroids, giving we, the unknowing folk, a very incorrect perception of what it takes to “be healthy.”

One of the companies I respect and follow for their no-BS approach to health is Precision Nutrition. Recently the created in infographic showing just what you have to do, and stop doing, in order to get to different levels of body fat. For instance, the leaner you want to get the more you have to strategize on everything you eat. That can lead to trouble when you go out with friends. If you get to go out that is, due to the amount of time you spend in the gym.

Check out the infographic below for the tradeoffs… [Read more…]


Expect Wonderful

Expect wonderful

Just for today try this..

When you're on the way out the door for the day think, “something wonderful is going to happen today.”

When you're on the way to work think, “something wonderful is going to happen today at work.”

When you're on the way home after a long day at work think, “something wonderful is going to happen at home.”

If you expect something wonderful to happen, it will.

Make it awesome my friends.


Podcasts Of The Week For 10-17-2014

Podcast Recommendations

Two of the best podcasts I've heard this week and highly recommend for you are: [Read more…]


What Is Your 20x?

What Is Your 20x?

According to Commander Mark Divine, a 20-year Navy Seal veteran and founder of SEALFIT, we are all capable of at least 20x more than we believe we're capable of. That can be physical, mental, emotional, or any part of our lives. [Read more…]


Don’t Be Fooled On Your Journey To Health


When you first set out on your health journey you're going to be doing a lot of research, if you haven't already. More than likely you'll encounter a ton of health advice on body building forums and blogs. Before you set expectations on yourself based on what you read or see, make sure you can't be fooled like so many others.

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Starting on a Journey to Health

Robert Dempsey Before and After 9.12.14

During the 2013 Christmas holiday I found myself stuffing my face even though I wasn't hungry. While munching on my nth sugar cookie I knew that something had to change. I made a decision then and there to drop the “I'm proud to never go to a gym” attitude and completely change my health for the better. Here's how I got started. [Read more…]


Write A Different Ending

Amen to all of this. And as of today, I'm writing a different ending to my story…

Like this? Learn to build a better life at Good Life Project.


And They All Became Quiet

My daughter Palamee started kindergarten today. She was so excited that I almost didn't get a hug before she got on the school bus. I'm a proud daddy.

Having a child start kindergarten means getting to know the parents of the other kids, as well as the teacher.

Leading up to today, my daughter's school had a series of play dates, as well as a “meet the teacher” hour.

During the meet the teacher hour, something funny happened.

In order to get everyone's attention, my daughter's teacher turned off the lights. Everyone immediately became silent, kids and parents.

Obviously, we've all been well trained.


Are you hungry for change?

In the past 3 months I have lost almost 10 pounds, most of it within the past few weeks. It's been an interesting ride, and I'm getting closer to my target weight of 160. I want to share with you what's helped me to lose weight, as well as a limited time opportunity to see a great movie that helped me change my attitude toward food. [Read more…]