Breaking: Launches Relationship Management Service for Twitter

If you're read any of my posts on you know I'm a huge fan of the tool and the team behind it. I feel that it's currently the best product on the market to help you leverage Twitter for relationship and business building.

Today, they have some news…

I'm happy to announce that is coming out of private beta. That means no longer begging me or anyone else for an invite. My specialness, has just been knocked down a few notches.

So great news for you!

Sharel passed me the official press release to share with you guys. He made special note of a limited time offer, which I highly suggest you jump on.

Super Time-Sensitive Offer

The early-bird price of Pro tier – only $4.99 a month – will continue to apply to anyone who registers with and goes Pro before the public launch at BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC at 6/5 (tomorrow). After the public launch, the price will go up to $9.99 a month.

So click this link here to take advantage of this very, very good offer >>

and now for the release… Launches Relationship Management Service for Twitter

Rethinking How Relationships Are Built On Twitter, Seamlessly Fuses CRM & Lead Generation, a free service which makes it easy for businesses and professionals who use Twitter to build relationships in a business context, will launch its public beta at BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC on 6/5/2012. “Social media has become instrumental in maintaining all kinds of business relationships: With customers, prospects, partners and more”, says Sharel Omer, CEO and co-founder of “Yet, so far tools to support this kind of relationship building and management have been sorely missing. We aim to bring focus & clarity to businesses that use social media for maintaining relationships, keeping the personal aspect of it while attaining clear ROI and work processes.” turns the stream-oriented world of Twitter to a relationship-oriented dashboard, yielding significant benefits. These include:

  • Focus on Your High-Value Members: Top influencers that drive awareness, top supporters that spread your word, most engaged members & potential leads.
  • Actionable Insights to Build Meaningful Relationships: Full engagement history, most-used hashtags, who to follow / who to re-engage
  • Stress-Free Social Productivity: Not another Twitter client with an endless stream of messages – analyzes relationships and focuses on relevant people, not on statuses.

How It Works

Social Media has disrupted the way businesses build relationships, especially when it comes to the unstructured world of Twitter. Twitter is inherently message-oriented, focused on the latest tweet or mention – this is part of its magic. However, for businesses, lacking any hint of a given tweet’s significance or context makes building relationship time consuming and non-streamlined.

While traditionally businesses maintained various silos of relationship management activities (lead generation, CRM, support channels, sales funnel…), social media & online channels are creating a sea change in this area: There is a convergence in the mediums that are used to engage with potential customers, new leads, support cases and more – and the differentiation in these categories becomes blurred as well. Since businesses grow and rely on building & maintaining relationships with their customers, prospects, partners and others, this change implicates changes to very basic business processes. is the first solution that acknowledges this and brings relationship-orientation to the most chaotic social media channel of all – Twitter – in a way that enables business-focused relationship management. This is done via deep relationship analysis capabilities, ability to prioritize engagements and relationships by business metrics, ability to distinguish various types of relationships (e.g. influencers, potential leads) and by providing the rich context & history that are required to make quick & correct business decisions.

With you can see your full relationship history with a contact and gain actionable insights of how to nurture the relationship with that contact based on it (for instance: consider to follow, unreplied status, consider to re-engage, etc.). is not stream-oriented as other existing Twitter solutions, so it is not an endless feed of tweets. Rather, it is a focused ROI-oriented dashboard of your high-value contacts with the relevant context of your relationships with them.

With, any incoming engagement is analyzed and put into the right context. This makes the process of engaging with contacts over Twitter structured and business-focused, rather than an endless battle of attending to “disruptions” from your Twitter stream.

Here are some testimonials from our users:

  • “ tops the list of Twitter engagement tools, helping you manage your community more efficiently and drive more business.” – Sivan Cohen, Community Manager
  • Case Study: How Ran a 6 Million User Marketing Campaign on Twitter using
  • Case Study: How Helped Web’s Largest Publisher Platform Conduit Run a Campaign on Twitter
  • “I relied heavily on to make sure I didn't miss any mentions about our news. gave us great insight by simplifying the process of rounding up tweets as well as analyzing stats of who participated. It's also been fantastic for finding new customer loyalty leads!” —Sherrie Rohde, @sweettooth has been refining its product in closed beta for over year – and today it is production-ready, already having many paying customers for the Pro and Corporate tiers, and is available to everyone. For more information, please visit Relationship Management In 3 Steps

How Works

Step 1: Focus on Your High-Value Members: Top influencers that drive awareness, top supporters that spread your word and most engaged members.

Step 2: Scan through list members and quickly follow a high-value member from the middle column.

Step 3: View full relationship history with a member, including all mentions, replies and retweets you ever made.

About is a unique Relatioanship Managment service for Twitter. helps thousands of businesses and professionals build business-oriented relationships, save time and increase their ROI from their social media activities. was founded in Israel in 2011. For more information, please visit


  1. MikePolis says:

    Thank you Robert for this post. You have been with us on this journey for more than year. So many times, when discussing diferent user scenarios internally, we were thinking of you – would this work for Robert? Would this be relevant for him? So it’s significant that today, a day before our public launch, you take part in it. Because there is a lot of you in Thank you  from the whole team 🙂 

    •  @MikePolis when feedback is accepted, challenged and implemented I’m happy to give it Mike. It’s been fantastic to see how far you guys have come over the past year, and I look forward to the year to come.
      Congrats on going 100% live, and best of luck making tons of connections at Blog World NY

  2. itamarro says:

    Robert, you rule 🙂 Lovely post about a great service!

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