When Creating Content Play To Your Strengths

Content comes in many forms – the written word, video, audio, images. And for every form of content, there are people that absolutely hate creating it. Excuses abound – there's no time, it's too expensive, I don't know how to do it, and on and on. So the question is: how can you easily create the content your business needs to be found in search engines and shared in social media? That what this post is all about.

Client Example: Rachel Kerr Scheider

Rachel is one of our clients. Her message is one of gaining strength through faith, to overcome the greatest challenges in your life. Her faith was tested when her husband was diagnosed with ALS, a disease he died from a few years later.

When creating the marketing strategy for Rachel, we discovered how fabulous she is on video. And in truth, her story is much more compelling when you see her tell it, which you can below.

Because Rachel does very well on video (we recorded more than 6  within a few hours while touring Sedona, Arizona), we determined to start with video. From there, the audio is extracted and the videos are transcribed. From one piece of content we now have three, which can be distributed to the appropriate channels.

Here is Rachel's story:

[leadplayer_vid id=”5058AEB41E8C4″]

Learn more about Rachel on her site >>

Client Example: SagePresence

SagePresence is the dynamic duo of Pete Machalek and Dean Hyers. These guys have been working together for more than 11 years, and through their training, have helped their clients obtain almost $1 Billion worth of contracts. Yes, that's billion with a ‘B'.

Since becoming a Dempsey Marketing client almost 2 years ago, Pete and Dean have faithfully published 2 blog posts per week. The most exciting news is the upcoming release of their book РWinning Presence. Within 3 months, they experienced over 350% improvement in site visits, and over 360% increase in page views on a monthly basis.

SagePresence Blog Post - one of MANY

Recently, Pete and Dean have pulled back a bit from their extremely hectic schedule to create more videos. Look for those coming soon!

Learn more about Pete and Dean on their site >>

The Lesson: Play To Your Strengths

Earlier today I was speaking with a client we are doing Information Architecture for. They have a thriving CPA firm with 60 employees and 4 locations. As you would expect, the partners in the firm aren't enthusiastic about sitting down and writing blog posts. The advice – play to your strengths.

This particular client is used to dictating. So why make them uncomfortable writing when they can dictate a blog post and we can have it transcribed? Right – we won't. They are used to recording things so we're going with that. This opens up possibilities too, including conducting video interviews of the partners. Much easier and comfortable for them; content we can get ranked and shared on social media.

If you're wondering just how you're going to create the necessary content for your business – stop. Think about how you can be most comfortable. Do you like being on video? Can you speak into a microphone? Do you enjoy writing? Whatever it is – do that.


  1. Hmmm. Very interesting. So maybe, since I LOVE researching, writing and public speaking, I should play to the first two strengths more to gain more over in the third. Or, even incorporate the third via video into my final writing! Interesting. Thanks for the food for thought.

  2. So simple and powerful Rob. Play to your strengths. Force negates, so no sense forcing out content through mediums you despise.

    I love writing. So I post multiple times daily. I also have fun with video, so I post an accompanying video with each post.

    Come from a place of power. Do what you love doing, and you will succeed.

    Thanks buddy!


  3. What great timing, Robert. I’m heading into a social media strategy class this October and this post has been especially helpful for me as I think about what I need to focus on. Thanks so much!

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