How Has Crisis Created Your Character?

You and I know that entrepreneurs are no strangers to crisis. It's a fact of entrepreneurial life that the sh!t is going to hit the fan at some time or another, and you need to be prepared when it does. How you deal with it, shapes the type of person you become.

So when I heard Salman Rushdie say “novelists know crisis creates character” on Fareed Zakaria GPS this morning, I knew I had to ask YOU today's question:

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Tells Us Your Story

Let us know how crisis has created your character in the comments below. What happened, how did it affect you, and make you who you are today?

I look forward to hearing your story.


  1. While Ive suffered from many major life events that one would certainly consider a crisis, Im not convinced this has made me who I am. In fact, I would like to put those events behind me and not let it impact the way I see people or think about certain things. I would be fraught with anxiety simply driving down the street (was mugged at gunpoint while sitting in my car one day a few years ago) if I let these events mold who I was. I may be more cautious now but I cannot change how I see the world because of a few tragic instances.

    • I would say that, in a way, that have affected you. You’ve made a conscious choice to not let them control your thoughts and emotions. Bravo to you!

      That’s a lesson we can ALL apply to our lives.

  2. It’s a great philosophy to look to the positives all the time – that has helped me as well. I’ve never had a single big crisis to put me on this path but probably a series of smaller ones!

  3. Confidence and optimism – It’s made me realize that I can get through just about anything and still be ok – if not better off afterwards.

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