Curation Traffic: Branding Bonus

Last week I told you about the awesome new WordPress curation theme – Curation Traffic – created by my friend and long-time content curator Scott Scanlon. This week I've got a bonus deal for you to help with your branding.

As part of the purchase price of this theme you receive a series of videos on how to curate content in as little as 15 minutes a day. Now you might not think that's much but rest assured that Scott has used the strategy he provides for his Defining New Media podcast which he put out Monday through Friday for years and built a huge audience.

Bottom line: it can be done.

There is no doubt that curation is a necessity for marketers. It helps to position you as an authority and you become the single resource for your community, outside of their friends of course. Not only does Curation Traffic help you easily curate content and schedule it via HootSuite, it also allows for branding, which brings me to my bonus offer.

If you purchase the Curation Traffic theme through my affiliate here –> not at all disguised affiliate link <– I will help you create the branding of your site with a branded header. All I need is proof of purchase, your logo, and font and color preferences if you have any. Within 7 days I'll get you back a brand spanking new awesomely fantastic header.

And what if you've already purchased a copy of the theme via my link already? Unlike the cell phone companies this offer is retroactive! Send me the info in the last paragraph and I'll get you your header. It's just that simple.

So hop on it friends.


  1. Will be checking it out as keep hearing about the importance of content curation so need to keep up!

    Thanks for the generous offer Robert. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  2. Robert..are the videos now up on the site?
    They were not there my first day.
    And I will be taking you up on this offer….
    Hope the affiliate end worked for you.

  3. Scoop-It in WordPress…It might be worth a look

    • If you’re doing your own curation I recommend it. The ability to have your own branding and use it for marketing at the same time (promoting offers or capturing emails) is prime in my book.

  4. Thanks Robert. I have a question. Does the HootSuite portion of the tutorial cover the free version of HootSuite or do you need a pro account? I’ll be sure to spread the word about this.

    • I’ll double check on that one for you Ileane but I don’t think it does. Mainly what Pro gives you is additional metrics and team members.

    • You don’t need the pro account to use the functionality, it will work with the free version of Hootsuite. We’ve upgraded to pro mainly to be able to manage more accounts, I’ve don’t really like the way Hootsuite charges for their reports so I’ve never used those.

  5. This certainly looks good. I just watched the video , it seems really valuable and I’m considering what I would have to do to use something like this. Great offer on your part, Robert.
    Thank you.

  6. That’s a great Bonus you are giving away Robert.

    I personally feel that curation will have a lot of effect on traffic and conversion in the coming years. While I can’t predict if it will stay from 5-10 years, I can definitely see it going to hang around from the next 3 years or so.

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