District Data Labs Incubator Now Accepting Applications


During the dotcom boom of 2000 I found myself in a catch 22: I couldn't get a tech job without experience, but I could get experience without a job. Fast forward to 2016. Companies are scrambling to build data teams and can't find enough experienced people. But how can you, someone new to data science, get experience to get one of these jobs? The District Data Labs incubator can help with that.

District Data Labs (DDL) grew out of DC's vibrant data science community and the melting pot of statisticians, data consultants, analytics contractors, hackers, and entrepreneurs that belong to it. I was introduced to DDL when I joined the board of Data Community DC, and met the founder & CEO of DDL, Tony Ojeda. It's come a long way over the past few years.

In addition to teaching data engineering there, I am co-managing the DDL Incubator with Will Sankey. Building on the awesome work of both Tony and Laura (Lorenz), Will and I have an awesome, three-month program set up which will provide you with hands-on data science experience and mentorship.

What is the DDL Incubator?

It's a structured, 3-month project development program where students and professionals located in the Washington DC metro area work together on data projects. Unlike other project-based programs that leave you to your own devices, District Data Labs provides structure around the projects, including:

  • Providing training and resources in data analysis, data application development and deployment, and project management.
  • Finding mentors and advisors to help answer your questions and guide your learning.
  • Giving your project exposure to the data community.
  • Paying for approved project expenses.
  • Helping you learn about the rapid-cycle pace of creating, sharing, and iterating on your data product with your team, other members of the Incubator, and your mentor.
  • Providing support throughout the duration of the incubator to ensure you are learning as much as possible.

In short, we do everything we can to ensure that you and your team are a success!

If you are looking to gain hands-on experience you can put on your resume, and have access to more data science resources than you can handle, sign up for the DDL Incubator now.

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