Does Anyone Care That Old Media Is Dying?

“This is the Golden Age of new media innovation, and I intend to stay on the leading edge of it”

– Robert Allbritton

Apparently, that Golden Age does not include old media such as local television, in this instance WJLA (ABC7 here in D.C.), but rather new media blog sites like Politico. Why? Because while local newspapers and television stations are leeking revenue, sites like Politico are making money.

“POLITICO continues to carry no debt, funds all investment with operating income and will still turn a profit, again, in 2013.”1

And it's not just local television biting the big one. For years, we've seen the decline of the newspapers. 151 papers closed in 2010, followed by another 152 in 2011.2 Heck, even Warren Buffet shut down The News and Messenger which had operated in Prince William County for 143 years.3

But here's the question of the day – do you care? How do you get your news today?

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