Expand Your Social Media Reach with HootSuite Apps

Expand your social media reach with HootSuite Apps

HootSuite is my favorite Twitter monitoring tool and I'm sure many of you like using it as well. The ability to monitor different streams based on Twitter lists, Twitter searches and multiple Twitter accounts make HootSuite an invaluable tool to include in your social media arsenal. Even with a free HootSuite account you can access to analytics and two versions of HootSuite's url shortener ( and But the real beauty of HootSuite is that it's use extends far beyond Twitter and allows us to easily monitor and share to widely popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and

HootSuite Apps

Did you know that HootSuite has an apps directory too? Let me show you some of the cool apps you can now add to HootSuite!

In the video you'll see that my favorite apps are YouTube, Summify and Tumblr, but you can also add streams to HootSuite for Flickr, Formulist, Constant Contact and Get Satisfaction. How's that for one little web-based Twitter client!? HootSuite apps are a great addition to the host of resources we can add to our accounts making it easier for use to share our content to any of favorite social networks right from the HootSuite dashboard.

Let's here from you – are you using HootSuite yet? What do you like most about it?


  1. Hey Ms.Ileane,

    I have read a lot of positive reviews about Hootsuite, but I haven’t used it yet. After watching your video, I have made up my mind to start using it instead of using twitter directly 😀

    Btw, Great Video, Ms.Ileane. May I ask you what software you are using for video editing? (I especially like the video intro with your blog name) 😀

    Thanks for the post,

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Hi Jeevan! I really appreciate you for watching the video and noticing the intro. I was really blessed to have our dear friend Andy Bailey from CommentLuv make that intro for me, isn’t that nice of him? I use Screencast-o-matic to record most of the video tutorials that I do and it has some pretty powerful features. I left a link to my Screencast-o-matic post, which also includes a video, in CommentLuv. Thanks for stopping by Jeevan and let me know how you make out with HootSuite.

  2. I’ve intermittently used HootSuite over the course of the last year or so. It’s definitely a useful resource. This is the first I’ve heard of HootSuite Apps. Thanks, Ileane!

  3. I finally tested out installing the YouTube app, but because I use https for Hootsuite, it won’t let me use apps. Unfortunately I travel too much and on too many unsecure networks to not use https whenever possible. I hope they enable it for secure browsing soon.

    • Hi Adam, thanks for the heads up about this. I just realized that I don’t use https when I’m on HootSuite. I use it on Facebook but it doesn’t seem to cause any conflict when I post there from HootSuite.

  4. Hi guys, and thanks for the excellent video Ileane! I want tostart usin Hootsuite but I have a friend whose Auckland online marketing was done for them by a company that used Hootsuite – and it seems very impersonal, as the message all say …via Hootsuite, which is not all that nice for social media, given that think that a more personal touch is the best thing we can use it for. As Robert says, the thing that small business has over the corporations on social media is personality!

    Second thin is, Facebook are now grouping all messages from Hootsuite into one aggregated post, so that all but the first one is invisible to the user – who may well overlook something you consider valuable to your message… I’ve seen it suggested that using Hootsuite for other posts and creating a separate one for Fb will get around this for minimally more effort.



    • Phil, I’m not sure what you mean by HootSuite seeming impersonal, unless you mean that Twitter itself is impersonal. One of the reasons I love HootSuite is because you can filter your streams which makes it easier for you to track and interact more with the people you really want to build relationships with than if you use the regular Twitter website.
      When it comes to Facebook pages, it might be better to share on Facebook itself, but when you really want to schedule a post you need to use a third-party tool anyway so why not use HootSuite? To be honest, I’ve seen posts from HootSuite get just as much attention as native Facebook posts, but it’s always best to test things out and see what works and helps you reach your objectives.
      Thanks for your feedback Phil, give HootSuite a try and let me know what you think.

  5. Hi IIeane,

    I’ve been testing many different social media managers lately, but I’ve ended up using HootSuite. I only use it with Twitter and Facebook accounts, that’s it. I’ve thought about upgrading to get Analytics and more profiles, have you upgraded?

    Thanks a lot for sharing the tutorial.

    • Hi Jens, good seeing you. I use a HootSuite more for monitoring streams than I do for analytics. I know they have some pretty advanced tools with the pro version but for now I’m using the free one. I’m glad you liked the video, thanks for watching.

  6. It’s been a long while since I’ve logged into my Hootsuite account. I never really utilized it… but now that you’ve shared this vid Ileane, I think its time to go check it out.

    Thank you miss!

    • Hi Mark, give HootSuite a try again. btw – how are you sending out your Tweets most of the time? Are you using the Twitter website? Let me know because I have some tips I can share with you for Twitter as well.
      Talk to you soon Mark.

      • Hi Ileane, I use TweetDeck… I guess I just got comfortable with this platform first, so I kind of disregarded really taking a look at other options.

        • Mark, I haven’t used Tweetdeck but it shares the same basic principles of monitoring streams in different columns. The big advantage with HootSuite is the ability to multi-task across various platforms like Facebook and integration with

  7. Thanks Ileane, I’ve wanted to add Hootsuite to my toolkit for some time now and you video explains why I should.

    I appreciate you!


    • Hi David, I’m glad the video helped. I’ve got an entire playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to social media. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything. Have a great weekend David!

  8. Ileane,
    Very informative video. I must admit that this piece shows me how much I just don’t know and how far I have to go in this area. The good news is that you’ve spelled it out very simply and taken the mystic out of something that is complex. Good job and thank you for this leg up.

    • Hi Lauri, let me know what level you’re at when it comes to Twitter and using tools like HootSuite and if can point you in the direction of material to help you get to the next level. If I don’t have anything on my blog or YouTube that addresses your need, I’ll create something for you. Just let me know!

      • OMG. You are so nice to make that offer, Ileane. I’m going to take the time this weekend to watch your YouTube and check out your blog. I know there’s tons of useful info there, as I browsed it this morning. I just haven’t had time to dig in.
        My weekdays are filled with clients and meetings and this week was particularly busy. I use the weekends to catch up on taking care of my business and delving into things like social media. I’ll take a closer look at what you have and I’ll definitely get back to you.
        Thanks for being so helpful and generous with your knowledge. I appreciate it very much.

  9. Ok I’ll admit that I’ve been using desktop Twitter apps on my Mac, namely MarketMeSuite and then TweetDeck. The apps feature along with the web-UI got me to go back to HootSuite. This video turned me on to something I didn’t know about, namely the apps.

    Thanks Ileane!

    • I’ve never been a Tweetdeck fan. Once I started using HootSuite there was no need to experiment any further. The fact that they just keep adding more awesomeness to the service has me hooked!

      Thanks for sharing this post Robert and have a great weekend!

  10. I love Hootsuite and already have the YouTube integration set up. I’m glad I saw this article, though, because I set it up when it first launched and then forgot about it.

    I have been meaning to use GetSatisfaction more for my games / apps and having it integrated with Hootsuite is awesome.

    • Hi Aaron! That’s an awesome way to for you to monitor your brand and your social networks all in one place. Thanks for sharing that.
      btw – thanks for visiting the Dempsey Marketing Community. You should consider joining – membership is free!
      I’ll talk to you soon!

  11. Hi Ileane and Robert

    Why am I not surprised that you are giving us this practical post on yet more apps lol

    I use Hootsuite but of course not to the extent you do! Thanks for explaining the many uses to us Ileane. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia,

      HootSuite has add so many layers of complexity that sometimes I wonder why anyone is using another Twitter client. But the cool thing is you can just use if for Twitter if that’s all you care about.

      Thanks for your comment Patricia.

  12. Hootsuite has YouTube built in now with an app? How did I not know this? I just taught Twitter the other night and was showing off some Hootsuite features and haven’t even heard about the apps. Oh well, just a great excuse for followup and close 😉

    • Hi Adam! This YouTube app is hot off the press and that’s why I’m getting the word out to everyone here so we can stay ahead of the curve. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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