Finding Partners And Clients Using HitSniffer

Google Analytics doesn't do this. And this IS what YOU want.

Check out the following screenshot from HitSniffer:

Loyal Visitors In HitSniffer

Click to see the full size image

Don't mind the nav bar in the middle of the image – that's Β just there because my screenshot app can scroll faster than the bar can move down the page as it scrolls (which it does – very cool).

This is one of the reasons that I chose to use WordPress comments on this blog after trying Disqus and LiveFyre – full integration with HitSniffer.

And this is where the “finding partners and clients” comes in. If someone becomes a repeat visitor to your blog and leaves comments chances are they are a potential client or partner. With HitSniffer you'll know exactly:

  1. Who these folks are
  2. How many times they visited your website
  3. Which pages they saw
  4. When the first visited your site
  5. When the last visited your site
  6. How they got to your site in the first place – where they came from
  7. Which page they first visited
  8. And so much more

Here's a screenshot of an individual profile. Click on it to see the full size image.

Loyal Visitor Detail in HitSniffer

Click for the full size image

Now imagine what you can do with this information.

If they've left a comment on your site then you have their email address. You can send them a personalized email message and initiate more conversation. Do NOT add them to your email list without their permission.

When you do speak with them you'll have a lot to talk about and have a much better conversation.

And this my friend is tip of the iceberg of the analysis we do for our clients.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole with us?


  1. Really is very great hitsniffer

  2. what different with free stats wp plugin Hit Sniffer does?

  3. This is an awesome tool especially if you have a blog that is promoting some product, will definitely give this a try.

  4. Rob,

    This looks great, I can certainly see how it would be valuable where you have high-value customers such as services or B2B and want to reach out to:
    – reach out to prospects who visit your website and start engaging them
    – track current customer activity
    in addition to regular tracking that you can do with Google Analytics

    But how does Hit Sniffer tie the visitor’s ip address to a company / person? Is there a public database?

    And as a couple of the commenters here mention, there could be privacy concerns. Clients might be off if they think they are being spied on.

    • When a visitor hits your site they are using a computer with an IP. When you comment on my site the WordPress integration that HitSniffer has connects your name with the IP address you’ve been using. So, there is no IP to name database available. Besides people don’t get dedicated IP addresses, companies do.

      As for privacy concerns, companies have been using this kind of thing for years. For example, when I was a HubSpot customer it tracked everything someone did on my blog and once the person filled out a form their entire history, on my site only mind you, was then linked to their name. HitSniffer does the same thing.

      There are other services available that can tell what company someone is coming from too. Not sure how they work though.

      I don’t see this as a privacy thing because until you comment on my blog and thus your history, on my blog only, is connected to your name I have no idea who you are. And once you do comment you are no longer remaining a private visitor here – everyone sees your name, picture and URL. I just happen to know more than they do.

      So again to reiterate because I think this is important, unless someone fills out a form or leaves a comment, they are simply a visitor without a name.

      Still concerned?

      • No longer concerned πŸ™‚ thanks for the clarification.

        The point I had missed was that until a visitor leaves a comment there is no tracking for them individually.

        I assume it is using a cookie from them on – as you say an IP does not identify a person only their company or ISP

    • Hi Giles,

      We are very, very careful regarding privacy. We have had requests from clients to provide email addresses, company names and website visitor names of site visitors. We would NEVER provide this kind of information. We are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act in the UK. The main reason that we would NEVER provide this kind of information is that we would not like our own personal information displayed to any webmaster.

      The IP Geo Locationing that we provide is freely available on the internet and is provided by ISP who are allocated IP ranges. The Geo Location tool is accurate up to around 500m depending on the ISP. The best that I have seen was my own IP which was 300m away from my machine. The worst was Rob’s in Thailand at 30 miles! Trust Rob!!!!

      As Rob accurately says, the only way to name is a visitor is if they complete a sign up form as they have volunterred their personal information to you.

      Hope this helps.

      Keep up the great work Mr D.


  5. Hi Robert,

    Looks like a pretty cool analytics tool, I thought pulling in the contact details from comments forms was particularly nice. We’ve just added contact management to Jumplead, I’m thinking it’d be nice for us to auto create contacts from webforms and blog comments…

    • That would be a very cool feature. I can only imagine the intelligence I could have if I combine the data that Jumplead gives me with the data from HitSniffer. That would be very powerful stuff.

  6. Wow, this is a neat tool but it sure sounds pretty freaky. I mean Google Analytics is scary enough with those details but this, is on a different level. Am off to test it out! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. Robert,

    This sounds pretty interesting. I don’t have “clients” per se. But it would be good to get information on regular readers that may not stop and comment. (helps to get an idea of who your “average” reader really might be. I am not quite sure where the dividing line between good info and TMI is drawn, though.

    • With the amount of information that people put into Facebook this isn’t even close to TMI. Until someone does comment you don’t have a name to an IP address.

      If it makes you feel any better Steve the government has much more data on everything you do, and companies have been using technology like this for years. When I was a HubSpot customer 2 years ago they had the same kind of information, though not to this depth (location, etc.).

  8. This is the first time I heard about this tool, and it sounds creepy and amazing at the same time LoL!

    Definitely checking it out

  9. So may times I’ve read you mention Hitsniffer. I’m going to definitely get it up and running. Thanks for keeping on reminding me.

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