Is The Grass Really That Green Over There?

Could this lovely field burn up when it rains?

Could this lovely field burn up when it rains?

It's a funny thing, people always wanting the opposite of what they have.

In the U.S. people go to the beach or to a tanning salon to get a nice tan. When I was in my early 20's I would go to the tanning salon so I wouldn't appear like a geek that never got outside, which I was. Women in magazines weren't as pale as they are today, and in Hollywood you had to have a continuous tan – it was attractive.

So we had white people trying to have darker skin.

And then I came to Thailand and saw a funny thing.

Thai television, like that in the U.S., has a lot of ads. There are these soap opera-style shows that all the young girls around here watch. And in between the jealousy, intrigue, and completely unbelievable plot twists are ads, mostly for beauty products.

Most of these beauty products have skin whitening, and it's in everything – face and hand creams, lotions and more. And the advertising is all over.

Most Thai people I have encountered aren't like me – pretty darn white. But here we have all these products made to lighten the skin, because lighter skin is seen as beautiful.

So here we have Asian people trying to have lighter skin.


It's interesting that on each side of the earth the one is trying to be more like the other and less like how they are. It's seen as beautiful.

So What Does This Have To Do With Business?

How easy is it to slip into a line of thinking like this:

Man, that company is doing awesome and is exactly where I want to be. Perhaps if I do what they do I can get to where they are.

Ever had a thought like that pop into your head? I have, many times. And I've gotten messed up, burned out and in debt trying to replicate what others do.

But you don't have to.

So what do you do when you want what's on the other side of the fence?

Be strategic. Look for partners you can team up with so you can move faster. Get your hustle on, hit up social media, use services like that help to use Twitter for business, make a lot of connections, comment on blogs, develop relationships, and keep moving forward.

Toss out that crap thinking that's your ego trying to keep you nice and comfortable. Stomp it into the ground with so much action that you don't have time to even breathe.

Be agile. Be powerful. Be connected. Be smart.

Besides, that grass over there that seems so green could be so full of chemicals that it turns to dust the next time it rains.

We're building empires here my friend. Let's act and think like it.


  1. I just seems like it. 🙂 We really should just focus on ourselves instead of wanting something that we don’t and others have. We are all unique in our own ways and we should use that to our advantage and not be just like everybody, not just in life but in business as well. Why spend time being what other companies are? We should spend time being the best that we can be and focus on our own problems than wishing for something else.

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