The Greatest Gift I Can Give My Daughter

To this day, my Dad loves to remind me of when, as a young child, he would read Chicken Soup With Rice to me. “Again, again!” I would tell him emphatically. A request, he could not, and did not, deny.

I was lucky growing up. My parents loved to read. They still do. It seemed that every wall in our basement had bookshelves built right into it. My parents bedroom was the same. Wherever we were in the house, there was something close by to read.

From when I was young, my parents would read to me. It is from this, I believe, that I developed my love for the written word.

I can remember reading about the Hardy Boys, and getting to choose my own adventure. For school we had to read classics including To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, Romeo and Juliet, and many others. However, there was always one type of book that always held my heart, and still does.

Fantasy novels. Knights, dragons, magic, weapons – all of this appealed to me. And it still does. I can't ever seem to stay away from World of Warcraft for too long.

But if I am truly honest with you, and I am, there is one element that appealed to me above all others, one elements that stayed with me in my martial arts training, and extends to how I treat my family and my clients today – the characters in the book had honor.

My father is a man of honor. He went to work each day to make money for our family. My mother has great honor. She too worked to provide, though what I remember most is her unending sacrifice taking me to soccer practice, karate, guitar and piano lessons; all that in addition to cooking almost every single meal I ate for more than 17 years.

It is their example that has helped guide me to where I am today. It is because they took the time to read to me growing up, and ensuring I was always mentally stimulated, that I developed an appetite for books. And today, I have a chance to honor them.

Palamee at 2 YO with some light reading

Palamee at 2 YO with some light reading

One of the greatest gifts, that I, as a father, can give my daughter, is her own inquenchable thirst for knowledge. Everyday, she sees daddy reading his Kindle, reading a paperback book, or reading a blog post.

She has her own pile of books from which she may choose a story to read each night before bed.

And I am proud to report that she loves reading! She can hear Cat In The Hat and Bubble Trouble until she falls fast asleep, and has heard them enough times that she has practically the entire beginning of each memorized! I am a proud daddy.

October 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM CDT.

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I have a Kindle, and I love it. When we lived in Thailand for a year-and-a-half, I could download books without a wifi connection! It's a portable library of knowledge that I can share with others. And Amazon has made it better.

One of the greatest gifts that we can give to another – a son, daughter, sister, brother, parent or friend – is knowledge. It is infinitely valuable, and never goes out of style.

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