Here’s What We’re Here To Do

One of the greatest benefits I gained from the Breakthrough To Success 2012 seminar with Jack Canfield, was clarity. I gained enormous clarity about why I am here, and what I am meant to do. Knowing what my purpose certainly makes life, and my decisions, much easier.

While some may regard thoughts along this line as fru fru, or wacky, it is my most sincere belief that there are three aspects of ourselves we must master, if we are to have fulfilled lives, and be able to help others with what we do.

Those three are:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional / Psychological
  3. Spiritual

A few short weeks ago at BTS 2012, I overcame a number of emotional/psychological issues (limiting beliefs, emotional stuff from when I was a kid), reconnected with my spirituality (gained a second spirit animal), and overcame my caffeine addiction. In addition, as I mentioned above, I discovered my life purpose.

It was a hell of a week, to say the least.

My life's purpose, something I will be helping Dempsey Marketing Tribe members determine during tonight's Goal Writing Workshop, is:

I am a navigator.

My life purpose is to help people chart their course, and get them where they want to go, so they can help those they are meant to help.

That may sound amorphous, but to me it isn't. It manifests itself in how I am building my business, grow my relationships, and everything else I do in life.

Since BTS I have been working on a purpose statement for Dempsey Marketing. I'm happy to tell you that I finished it.

Rather than face the duplicate content penalty wrath of Google and post it here, I invite you to visit the Dempsey Marketing Core Purpose page.

Also, if you have created a purpose statement for yourself and/or your company, please tell us about it in the comments below and add a link. I look forward to reading it.


  1. Hi Robert,I’m excited, for you, that you have made these self discoveries in a way that guides your actions – very powerful! Long ago I adopted my own personal mission statement – To Love, To Serve, and to love the serving that I am doing. When I feel unsettled at work, or in life, I use my mission statement as a filter for the activities I’m involved in. And, it never fails to instruct me on my next steps. I have often referred my coaching clients to one of Covey’s pages for creating mission statements: Your readers may find this a valuable resource as well.Keep on, keeping on, Robert! It’s good having you back in MN.

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