Buddhists believe that only a humble mind allows embarking on the path of enlightenment and liberation.

I used to think humility meant downplaying your own opinion and giving in to others. I've come to learn that isn't what humility is all about.

For me, humility is:

  • Taking the next right action and accepting that I cannot control the outcome, only my response to the outcome.
  • Leading from the front, but taking a step back and allowing another team member to lead when I know she has more knowledge/skill/strength than I do in the area that's needed to complete the task.
  • Immediately taking responsibility when a decision I made turns out to be the wrong decision, or an action the wrong action.
  • Understanding and accepting that the only thing I can control is myself, and that isn't always easy; it takes practice to control my thoughts and emotions.
  • Acting with integrity at all times, while being mindful when my brain tells me I'm acting with integrity when it's really my ego.

What does humility mean to you?


  1. Love your thoughts on humility, esp the point about leading from the front! To me personally, humility is being gracious both with success and failure.

  2. Nokufa Matitoane says:

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I’m humbled by seeing myself through the eyes of a child.

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