How I Got A New Job Inside One Month

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A fortuitous meeting I almost didn't make led to my getting a job exactly one month to the day I was let go from my former one.

They Say It's About Who You Know…

After my family and I moved back to Virginia I started networking. I joined 37 meetups covering topics from programming to data to open source intelligence. One meetup I joined was the DC Tech Meetup. Little did I know this meetup would ultimately help me get my current job.

Luck Is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

As I was performing my job search, an email came in from DC Tech. 10 free tickets to TEDx MidAtlantic were available on a first-come-first-served basis. I quickly checked my calendar. Would I be able to attend? There was a neighborhood Halloween party the night of day two. I decided I could always leave TEDx early. I couldn't pass this up. I grabbed one of the 10 tickets.

I was in.

… It's About Who You Meet

Day one of TEDxMid was excellent. After a full day of talks and networking I was tired and headed home. I awoke the next day still tired and considered not going back. The neighborhood Halloween event was happening that day, and I wanted to spend time with my wife and daughter. But something told me I should go back to TEDx. That something was someone – my wife!

Quick side note – whenever I get into a situation like this, where I know I should go somewhere but my head tells me to stay in place, I know I must go. It's my “lizard brain” trying to keep me comfortable. Don't listen to this voice. Get off your ass and go.

So I went.

During one of the breaks I struck up a conversation with a gentleman named David. I asked him my typical question – what's your story? After telling me his he asked mine. When I finished he brightened up and said this was a fortuitous meeting. He was in a group for CEOs and a number of them could use what I did. He gave me his card, asked me to send him my resume, and told me he would send it to his group.

I thanked him and went about the rest of my day.

… And The Follow-Up

First thing Monday morning (10/28) I sent my resume to David. Around 10:30 a.m. I received an email from a gentleman named Ed asking if I was available for a phone call. You betcha I was! 30 minutes later we were on the phone. After a great call, we scheduled an in-person meeting for the following morning.

Ed and I met for coffee Tuesday morning and had another great conversation. Afterwards he connected me with one of his long-time friends who I spoke with on Wednesday. Thursday morning I was in the Ed's offices for interviews. Friday evening I received a verbal offer. A formal offer letter arrived Monday.

I started at my new job on Tuesday, November 5th, one month to the day that I had been let go from Intridea.

I'm a lucky man.


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  2. Nice to view this article.Thanks for sharing these kind of valuable information.

  3. That is inspiring. I am about to be made redundant from my banking job and I’m scared and I don’t mind admitting it. Sometimes things happen with no rhyme or reason why – they just do. Very well done to you Robert.

  4. Hey Robert Nice Article. I Love it man. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Post. Keep it up!

  5. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for this great post. It’s really useful for new employers which struggle for job. Your story really inspire me and other too.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.I’ll waiting for your next valuable post.
    Great job!!!

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  9. Thanks for this post! I totally agree with your definition of luck! Sometimes we think luck is impossible. I guess when we are always prepared we are more likely to be lucky! Great post! 🙂

  10. Your are the queen! that is an amazing story
    very inspiring

  11. Carolyn Darr says:

    Thanks Robert! I had to google ‘lizard brain’! Congrats on the job and thanks for reminding me that we have to push ourselves!

  12. Definitely a nice read. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing it here. Would love to know how it goes.

  13. I love the part about the realization our intuition is a VERY powerful force.
    Do you believe too many people do NOT follow intuition?
    Sometime those intuitive prods are antithetical to social norms…
    BUT should NOt be dismissed

  14. tameika dozier says:

    Amazing! Rob you have always been insoiring. Keep it up, I am always learning from you.

  15. Robert,
    That is an amazing story. I love the way that you’ve called out the learning points for us here in this post. Thanks for the encouragement and the “slight” push that we entrepreneurs sometimes need to get out of our own way. Very inspiring…

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