These Landing Page Layouts Will Get You More Leads

When it comes to capturing leads online, whether from online advertising or social media, you always need to use landing pages (see the rules of online marketing here). There are literally dozens of layouts you can use, and don't even get me started on design options. In this post I want to show you three, highly-proven landing page layouts guaranteed to get you leads.

#1 – Hubspot Ebook Opt-In

Since 2006, the Hubspot opt-in forms haven't changed all that much. Having obtained thousands of leads, I'd say what they are doing is well proven to work.

Their opt-in pages:

  1. Have a simple design
  2. Give an idea of the digital thing you will possess
  3. Uses a short amount of copy
  4. Contains a lengthy form – improving the quality of the leads they get

Here's a classic Hubspot landing page design:

Hubspot Landing Page

Hubspot isn't the only game in town though…

#2 – Large Call-To-Action With Video

The Nerds On Call landing page is a classic in the sense that it has:

  1. A large call-to-action area
  2. An easy to fill out form
  3. A video that tells you why you should fill out the form
  4. A phone number (hopefully trackable)

With this style of landing page, a lead can either fill in the form for more information, or they can call immediately. That's two times the calls-to-action! Great stuff here.

Nerds On Call Landing Page

#3 – Free Video Course Landing Page

This landing page, created by Clay Collins, is designed to look just like a blog post, and definitely has all of the elements. It's created to offer a free video course, and get opt-ins in exchange for:

  1. All the text, templates and learning materials for the course
  2. Downloadable versions of the videos
  3. PDF versions of the slides used in the videos

Clay Collins Landing Page

When you talk about ramping the vale way up in exchange for an opt-in, this is what we're talking about.

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  1. I am doing my landing page like #2. I do feel though that the best real estate which is not used enough is the upper right hand corner of the page. Your eyes go right to left and then the middle. Great ideas.

  2. My favorite landing pages incorporate video and text; it’s more interesting that way. I’m much more likely to read an article than watch a video, but I like having options. 🙂

    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Landed here quite by accident via triberr. Good tips on getting leads. I read the other post too on the rules of online marketing. My landing page gets hit quite a bit via search engine and I think I probably need to work on it more. I like the idea of a video…. maybe will look into creating one for the landing page. Good post! Will browse through your other stuff later and see if I can get some pointers. SEO is not one of my strengths.

    • Hi Sunithi – it’s great to hear your page is ranking. Love that! Definitely test different elements of the page to increase your opt-ins. Then come back and let us know how your testing went!

  4. Love the infographics, really help me digest the info easier, sometimes I get put off by long blogs with just lines and lines of words….some excellent tips and advice on how to capture leads online

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