The Accidental Entrepreneur: Interview With Louise Sattler

In a case of a business starting itself, Louise Sattler started Signing Families after her sign language cd's began to spread and gain her fame.

In this interview, hear the story of how a DVD made it's way across a country and started building communication bridges, and a business.

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  1. That is a really cool business and I love how you were making money before you actually had a business set up. That is similar to what my dad’s account told us. Make some money, then use that money to set up the business.

    Planning it out is usually the best practice, but so many people get stuck in the planning phase. So go out there and make some money, see what you like and make a plan to repeat the process.

  2. Hi Robert and Louise

    What a wonderful interview. And what a great business … brings back memories of how I learned sign whilst living and working in the UK. Before DVDs were around.

    A family came into my life and one of the sons was profoundly deaf. Fortunately he could also lip read so while I was practising, we could still communicate.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Louise. Learnt heaps.

    Patricia Perth Australia

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