How Mobile Apps Kept Me Safe And Eating Well

As part of Jack Canfield's 2013 class of Train The Trainer, I was in Long Beach for close to two weeks. Up until then I'd never been to Long Beach. All I knew was that, after a fairly short ride to my hotel through some shady looking neighborhoods with Snoop Dog and Sublime songs running through my mind, I was hoping to be in a nice part of town and within walking distance of not only the training venue, but also some nice places to eat.

Thankfully I had my iPhone with me, loaded with all the apps I needed.

I hopped on Google Maps to ensure that I walked the fastest way to the training venue. I used Yelp to find places to eat and post reviews. I used Foursquare to let all my friends on Twitter and Facebook know I had found a great spot.

I also used my iPhone camera to snap pics of Long Beach, the Tripit app to check my flights home, the BofA app to check my bank account balances, Basecamp to check on the status of our ongoing projects, and the Facebook Twitter, and Sparrow apps to stay in touch with everyone.

I got a heck of a lot done with my iPhone, and so do a lot of other people, and not just finding good places to eat! In fact, according to a January 2013 survey from Prosper Mobile Insights, 9 out of 10 smartphone users conduct some form of financial activity on their devices.

Prosper Mobile Smartphone Tablet Financial Activities Feb 2013

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And this isn't just in the United States. It's the same in Australia, Brazil, China, India, and many other countries according to Nielsen.

Nielsen Smartphone Commerce Activities Feb 2013

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And if the trends continue, by 2014, mobile device usage on the Internet will overtake desktop Internet usage. What's that mean for you? If you want to get that business, your website had better be mobile optimized.

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  1. any kind of apps that free you from the need of opening browser are in my opinion always good

  2. Long Beach has some sketchy areas, but most of it is pretty nice. Where else can you visit the Queen Mary. 😉

    It is cool to think about how apps help make the world a smaller, more interesting place.

  3. Good Info. @xupera

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