The Most Powerful Form Of Social Proof There Is

Dean Hyers“Robert Dempsey tripled our site activity in one week!”

“The experience we got with Robert Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing was one of the most tangible, results-oriented, metrics-driven processes I’ve ever experienced. So many times you pay for marketing or consulting services, after which you say, “I think that will do some good.” Robert took the guess-work out of measuring his impact, documenting over 350% improvement in site visits, and over 360% increase in page views, along with many other gains. The people who are coming to our new site are actually staying there, reading it, and taking actions that are converting into sales. Only part way through week two after our launch, we’re seeing huge increases in Twitter and Facebook followers, and unbelievably high search-engine ranking, because Robert knows how to integrate our website with social media and search engines alike.

Robert Dempsey grasped our company and our goals. He’s fun to work with and excited about seizing opportunities to help his clients make more money. Robert sees opportunities I could never have spotted, going beyond marketing to systematically create customers and sales. Robert makes big impact quickly, and does most of the work for you, from SEO optimization, sales-letters that integrate with search engines, and techniques that bring in the right customer and connect them to the transaction.

This was faster and more effective than I could have imagined. If you ever think you can do it yourself better, you haven’t experienced Robert Dempsey. Nothing would make him happier than making you more money quicker, by applying his vast expertise to make the web work for you. At SagePresence, we’re glad we gave Robert Dempsey and Dempsey Marketing a chance to show us what we could do on the web. We look more professional and our business is working better because what’s under the hood has got it where it counts!”

– Dean Hyers, Film Director and Principal – SagePresence

Nothing Beats A Testimonial

When it comes down to brass tacks nothing beats a client testimonial. No amount of retweets, likes, shares, stumbles, votes, +1's, diggs or whatever we come up with next to share content beats a rock solid testimonial from a very satisfied client.

What It Shows

A testimonial like the one above that Dean graciously gave us after we completed a major update (some might say complete overhaul) of the SagePresence website shows a number of things:

  1. We are working with actual businesses
  2. Those businesses are run by the types of clients we want to work with
  3. We can absolutely deliver on what we say we will – a tangible improvement to the bottom line of the business
  4. The client is so happy he's willing to give us a glowing testimonial

The more of these you have the easier it is to get more of them.

How To Get Glowing Testimonials

There is only one way to get glowing testimonials, and that's to go above and beyond for your clients. Sound simple? Not so much. The project with SagePresence had its bumps, and at the end we had a frank discussion of what went well and what didn't.

I apologized for things that didn't go well on my side and they did the same.

That's the kind of rapport you want to build with your clients.

Now you may be thinking I'm just writing this to boost my ego and show off, and to an extent you could be right 🙂 But the point I want to hammer home is this: there are many companies out there that claim they can do a lot of stuff. Most of them are horrible and can't deliver a damn thing.

When you know you can deliver and talk about it you had better not just deliver but over deliver.

That's how you get what my friend, client and referral partner Lauri Flaquer calls clients for life.

That's how you build a business, not using shady short-term and short-sighted tactics.

You're running a marathon here not a sprint. It takes fantastic clients like Pete & Dean at SagePresence to keep a company going. You can attract more of your ideal clients when you over deliver when they come to you.

So go out, kick ass, take names, and focus on massively improving the lives of your clients. You will be rewarded.


  1. That’s awesome Robert. We should all have glowing testimonials on our websites, and the only way is to make a very good job with our clients. Sometimes clients actually ask to put a testimonial because they’re so satisfied with the service. Then you understand that you’ve done a really good job 🙂

    What I really want is video testimonials, I find that they are even more powerful.

  2. Great post, like the site…got the message across without a lot of fluff…got contact forms where you get people in deeper. Like it thanks for the post.

    So how much in general terms would your services cost on doing work similar to this…??

    • Hi Joe – the minimum investment working with us is $1500, and that depends on how much is in place already (SEO-optimized website, lead capture capability, etc.). Typical projects though, for now, are in the $6-$10k range. After that we move to a monthly fee where we continue to monitor everything using many analytics packages and constantly test and tweak.

  3. Robert,

    Rock on! What a great testimonial. You are absolutely right. Social proof like tweets, likes etc. Pale in comparison to a testimonial that shows how real people felt about your product and services.

    It is far better the the smoke and mirrors that other methods sometimes include and only shows the reality of how your services are perceived by others. Congrats on being kick ass!

    • Steve thanks for coming and leaving another excellent comment. As the man in affiliate marketing I know YOU know how important testimonials are. Showing the reality of the results is a fantastic point.

  4. Is this a softball post for me Robert, because we are speaking about your services next week 🙂

    I obviously totally agree with your post above! I am trying to position my company; as “Testimonials 2.0” service.

    We help companies gather the good and bad of customers’ experiences in audio, SMS text messaging and even video. Giving you the opportunity to make things right if a customer is not happy…and the tools to share a good testimonial with your….friends, fans and followers.

    Sharing your customers good experiences in their voice…passes along the passion thy have for your services, plus it showcase your business from a different angle…both extremely powerful.

    • Your service is fantastic Rys and I look forward to speaking with you next week about it. There is frankly nothing more powerful than a testimonial, as you know 🙂 Great to see you helping people collect them too – it’s something many business owners forget to do.

  5. Hello Robert. Testinmonials ARE great at building confidence in your clients and your readers.

  6. Absolutely right Robert – I don’t think you can beat testimonials – especially when they are glowing as your client’s 😉

    As a prospective client, I would have to think long and hard about why I wouldn’t hire you after reading that.

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