There Is Nothing New In Marketing

Is there anything new out there?In the quest to keep ourselves and clients ahead of the curve in marketing, I realized that there is nothing new in marketing. Social media has been around since the Internet began. People have been social since we came into existence. New tools continue to come and go just as the ocean tides ebb and flow.

Yesterday I had a fantastic conversation with Scott Scanlon about this subject. He and I both agree that the answers for the future aren't to be found in todays marketing books. So if the answers aren't there, where are they?

This we know for sure – as the deluge of content continues, one thing is more important than ever for the success of your business. This one thing will determine whether your company survives in the flood, or simply perishes like so many others.

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Is There Anything New?

If you know of anything new in marketing, and I don't mean old ideas relabeled, things like “social business” or “big data”, I mean something truly new. If you do, please add it in the comments below.

Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Ah, little late to this discussion, got tied up yesterday. I think the other thing that we didn’t really talk about is specialization. We’ve both spent tons of time and effort honing the skill of “marketing”. Not only by reading, seeking, but also by doing.

    To use the Amazon brand pages Dan mentioned, knowing that new tech or ways to reach an intended target market will pop up is the one thing we can all rely upon. But I think your larger point or the discussion we had was about in the underlying mechanics of marketing– and there isn’t anything really new or groundbreaking.

    For instance, I believe two skills that anyone can benefit from for the rest of their life and career would be copy-writing (specifically how to write a headline that grabs attention) and storytelling. No matter what new tech, new platform, new whatever pops up those skills transfer to whatever you want to accomplish. And they will be really important.

    So it’s applying the “nothing new in marketing” base skill set to the new things that popup like the Amazon brand pages, etc.

    For instance, when I dived in deep on applying and learning the art of story telling, it opened my eyes and my mind. But the methods and techniques are centuries old (even older). Now there is quite a bit of a discussion about how story telling and transmedia mix (or transmedia storytelling), and how story telling will transfer. But even with this new tech the mechanics will remain the same. It’s applying the mechanics that have to be mastered.

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