Paid Advertising Should Be A Cornerstone Of Your Web Strategy

While many people will talk all day long about using free strategies to get people to your website, paid strategies such as Google AdWords work faster. Rather than waiting weeks to months for SEO to come to fruition, with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising you can laser target prospective customers, test your messaging, find out if demand for your (yet to be created) product exists, and test landing pages for conversions.

But speaking of SEO, AdWords can help with that too. Here’s how…

Many people, including Google, will tell you that just because you pay them doesn’t mean they’ll rank your website higher. However, we’ve seen otherwise. Every time we’ve launched a PPC campaign for a new client or website, we’ve noticed that we rank faster for our target keywords. Now we can debate this point all day and our evidence is anecdotal, however so is most of SEO. Here’s something we won’t argue about:

If you look at the keywords people are using to get to your site, you may notice the amount of (not provided) hits going up. You’re missing out on highly valuable keywords. How do you get them back? AdWords is now the only way.

Paid advertising needs to be part of your web strategy.

The key to paid advertising is this – in order to make the best use of your dollars, you need to know what you’re doing. The cost of not knowing can be quite high. Here’s a little story on that.

When I first started using AdWords for my web development business many years ago (too many to remember) I made some mistakes that are still common today. We’ll have an entire post coming up about that, but a few I’ve seen (and done myself) are:

  • Not focusing purely on the search network
  • Not putting keywords into ad groups
  • Not using negative keywords
  • Not using a landing page specific to the ad
  • Not split-testing (AB testing) my ads

At worst you can blow a few dollars. If you’re like one of my friends who accidentally activated the Google Content Network though, you can have $1,000 sucked out of your wallet within an hour. Not a good situation.

Over the past 8 years I’ve spent more than $3,000 on training and tools in order to create effective PPC campaigns. Why so much? Because to be truly effective takes more than just knowing how to use the tools.

To help you understand how to use Google AdWords and create campaigns of your own, we’ve created a live training course – High ROI Google AdWords. High ROI Google AdWords is 3, 1-hour live trainings chock full of actionable material.

By attending High ROI Google AdWords you’ll receive:

  1. 3, 1-hour live trainings delivered via webinar
  2. Session outlines
  3. Session mindmaps and free mindmapping software
  4. Video recordings of all 3 sessions
  5. Audio recordings of all 3 sessions
  6. A DVD with all the trainings

Here’s what you’ll learn in the sessions:

Session #1: Google AdWords Foundations

Session #1 has been designed so that you have a rock-solid foundation for your campaigns. This is the stuff no one talks about. We’ll cover:

  1. How AdWords helps with SEO
  2. How to define your ideal customer
  3. How to perform deep research on your ideal customers
  4. Creating a list of your competitors specifically for keyword research
  5. How to brainstorm a large list of seed keywords
  6. Performing keyword research using both free and paid tools

In addition to all that, you’ll also receive our AdWords Foundation checklist. This checklist will help ensure that every AdWords campaign you create has a solid foundation for success.

By the end of session #1 you’ll have everything you need to get started building a rock-solid campaign. That takes us to session #2.

Session #2: Building Your AdWords Campaign

In Session #2, you’ll see step-by-step how to build your AdWords campaigns. Specifically we’ll go over:

  1. How to group your keywords into logical ad groups
  2. Building your AdWords campaign in Google AdWords
  3. Launching your campaign
  4. Making your website match your ads to increase leads and sales
  5. Creating reports using Google Analytics

In addition to everything I just mentioned, you’ll also receive our AdWords campaign checklist. This checklist helps ensure you can reproduce excellent results in every campaign you run.

Session #3: Advanced Google AdWords Strategies

With your campaign in place it’s time to implement advanced strategies that will further increase the leads and sales your campaigns can generate. In Session #3 you’ll learn:

  1. Additional keyword research strategies and tools
  2. How to analyze your campaign with a focus on increasing ROI
  3. Optimization techniques to increase your campaign ROI
  4. How to A/B test landing pages using Google Content Experiments, formerly Google Website Optimizer
  5. Methods of slicing and dicing your metrics to gain even more insight into your customers

By the end of session #3 you’ll be an AdWords pro. But we’re not stopping there!

For Serious Marketers Only: Bonus Q&A Session

For those serious about making AdWords work for their business we’ve got an added bonus – you’re invited to a special, hour-long Q&A session. During this session you can ask about anything – Google AdWords, A/B testing, landing pages, or whatever else will help you improve your campaigns and get more business.

Session Dates

Session #1: July 31st, 2012

Session #2: August 2nd

Session #3: August 6th

Bonus Session: August 8th

Sign Up Today

Similar courses available today cost between $395 and $795 per person and won’t teach you anything about understanding your customer or competition – extremely critical success factors.

We’re offering High ROI Google AdWords for the small investment of $197. Your investment gains you everything you need to create Google AdWords campaigns that provide a high return on investment and improve the SEO of your website.

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Unconditionally Performance-Guaranteed For 30 Days

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You keep the bonus Q&A session recording, the session outlines and the session mindmaps for giving it a good honest try. The only item we ask you to return are the session DVDs. KEEP ALL the OTHER materials as our thank you. You will be refunded immediately. No questions asked and no conditions.

If this doesn’t help you set up and measure an AdWords campaign, we don’t deserve your money. If you give it an honest try on a new or existing campaign and our training doesn’t help, you’ll receive a full refund.

I’m sure you agree. You can’t lose. You either set up and measure an AdWords campaign or improve an existing one, or you keep our gifts to you and receive ALL your money back ANYTIME in the next 30 days.


  1. Hi Robert,
    I enjoyed reading this whole article as a newbie in the SEO industry. I have never tried ‘Paid Advertising’ as I want to try doing it manually on my own. But with what you said up there is pretty much convincing me. I think I’m going to try that technique.

    •  @Dean Collins hi Dean. Basically it comes down to speed. Social media and SEO are long-term strategies (something many businesses seem to miss) while paid advertising gets results much faster.
      I prefer a three-prong strategy of:
      1. Long-term strategies: SEO + social media + PR
      2. Short-term strategies: PPC + paid media
      3. Pro-active strategies: Dream 100 Effort

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