The Path For Improving Your Business Is Found By Improving Yourself

For many years, I felt that success was elusive. Just when I thought I had it, it seemed to slip through my fingers. I was frustrated, overworked, and I wasn't physically or mentally as healthy as I wanted to be. Life was very good – I had had previous success, I had a business, a wonderful wife, and a fabulous daughter. However, I felt something was still missing, something was holding me back from achieving everything I wanted in life. That something, was myself.

I gained my sobriety from drugs and alcohol when I was 20. One of the 12 steps in AA was doing an inventory of myself, apologizing to those I had hurt, and righting my wrongs. It was hard work, and well worth it. What I've come to realize is that that work never ends. There is always some aspect of myself that I can improve. We are ever evolving creatures, never static, always growing. But sometimes we get stuck.

In August of 2012, I was told by Lauri Flaquer that I should go to what was to be the final year of Jack Canfield's Breakthrough To Success seminar. Little did I know the massive positive change that was to come about from this 7 day event.

Halfway through the first day of the training, I realized that if I was to overcome whatever mental block was holding me back from the success I so strongly desired, I had to go all in and do what I was being told to do.

I did, and the benefits were astounding:

  1. I came to understand and fully accept my life purpose
  2. I overcame, with the help of others and Jack's work, a number of limiting beliefs from my childhood that had been blocking me
  3. I learned to meditate much more deeply
  4. I fully embraced my spirituality
  5. I gained much more confidence in myself and my abilities
  6. I made many new friends
  7. I unexpectedly gained the Canfield Training Group as a client

Afterwards, business really picked up. Due to the shift in myself, I became more clear about what I wanted for my business, which in turn led to greater success.

Since that August, opportunities that I could not have foreseen have come my way. I have surrounded myself with a growing team of excellent people, I'm working with clients of my choosing – people I enjoy working with, and my relationships with all those around me have greatly improved.

I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the benefits of introspection, and working to improve yourself. It is through improving yourself, that your business will improve. A shift in your mindset can cause a ripple in the Universe that brings you the success you desire.

As we are all humans, continuous action is key.

I Want To Help You Become More Successful

One of the things I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was the importance of meeting with a group of people on a regular basis, and studying material that would help improve our lives. As a member of the 2013 class of Jack Canfield's Train The Trainer, that material, for me, is The Success Principles.

My intention is to meet on a monthly basis with a group of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving their lives and businesses. Each month we will study one of the success principles from the book. We will review action steps for implementing that success principle in our lives, take that action, and then if you so choose, share our results the following month when we study the next principle.

Teleconference When & Where

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We'll meet each month via teleconference on the second Tuesday of the month at 3 PM Eastern. Our first meeting will be on March 12th. We'll be talking about the foundation principle – taking 100% responsibility. I've got a great story to share with you on that one!

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