Lessons On Follow-Up And Persistence From A Dog

How is your follow-up with potential and current clients? Do you send a message after every meeting, outlining what was discussed and next steps? Do you send a message before each meeting, preferably containing an agenda and perhaps objectives of the call? Are you adding every potential and current client to your CRM system and connecting with them on social media?

If your answer to the above is “not so much” take a lesson from this little doggie…

Oishi The Dog

Oishi The Dog Knows About Getting In Front Of Your Customer

This is Oishi. He's one of two dogs living at my mother-in-law's house. The other is our dog Lilo, who traveled with us to Thailand from the United States. This is Lilo visiting LA.

This is a panda we saw at the zoo in Chiang Mai. It has nothing to do with this post but pandas are cool, and this guy appears to be smiling.

Panda In Thailand

Panda In Thailand

So back to the point…

As I was making coffee today Oishi would follow me around. I went to get the coffee filters from the drying rack – there was Oishi looking for pets. I put the coffee filters on the coffee maker (on the other side of the kitchen), and when I turned around, there was Oishi. And who was sitting 3 feet away from me after I filled cups with water and also when I filled up the coffee maker? That's right – Oishi.

Oishi's actions made me think about how important it is to constantly being in front of potential and current clients. And the best way to do that? Follow-up.

Every interaction with someone creates an opportunity for additional communication. You can send a message before a scheduled meeting, after the meeting, when you come across some random piece of research that may be of interest to your client, on their birthday, on their anniversary, and many other times.

Follow-up is immensely important for this reason: we are all so inundated with commercial messages that it's easy to forget something that isn't in front of us all the time. Back in the day it used to take 7 ad impressions for someone to remember you, today it's 9 or 10.

How much are you communicating?

Here's a picture of Oishi after his persistence pays off:

Happy Oishi

Persistence pays off for Oishi the dog

Persistence paid off for Oishi. I mean seriously, how can you not give in to that? You'd have to be minus a heart. Look how happy he is!

The same goes for people. No I'm not comparing people to dogs. What I am saying is that if you are high-touch with your clients, potential AND current, it's a matter of time before they give in and you get the call.

Keep at it.

Continue to glean insights from every interaction. Put the information into your CRM system. Actively seek out additional reasons to stay in front of your clients.

Do that, and you'll be well ahead of most business owners operating today.


  1. Great post! My dog likes to jump up on the couch, squirm between your leg and the side of the couch, and literally shove you out of the way so he can lay down there. I wonder what a customer would think of that? 🙂 

  2. JosephineAGeiger says:

    Ah this is great! But I must add a word of caution (and to continue the metaphor) as the owner of a very noisy, in your face dog that talks back when you tell her “no” – be careful what you wish for as too much ‘nosie’ may scare away potential clients.

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