Using PyParsing For Web Scraping, Application Control and Data Wrangling

WebscrapingThat's what I'll be talking about at DC Python on April 7th.

In this talk you’ll learn how to use pyparsing, a free Python module, to create and execute simple grammars for web scraping, application control and data wrangling. Dump the nested if statements and get parsing. Oh yes, there will be code, and lots of it, to get you started!

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I'll see you there!

Also On The Agenda

On July 1st I'll be speaking at my monthly meetup – Data Wranglers DC – about writing grammars in pyparsing for web scraping, data wrangling, and app control. This will be a longer and more hands-on version of my DC Python talk.

In addition I'm talking with both Data Society and District Data Labs about teaching data wrangling classes. Stay tuned for more on those!

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