SEO Still Tops The Charts For Lead Generation

I remember growing up and having the phone ring during dinner. My Mom would run to get it, and a few second later I'd hear the familiar phrase: “We do not take solicitations over the phone.” That happened on a daily basis, sometimes a few times per day.

As with every industry cutbacks occur and what was a voice on the other line turned into a computer with a recorded message. I'd try sending the “do not call” signal to the computer by continuously hitting the “0” button on the phone. That never worked.

Between do-not-call lists and consumer backlash I'm happy to report those days are almost at an end! But if annoying the hell out of people on the phone isn't getting companies leads, what is?

Topping the charts is one of my favorites, SEO, followed by social media (another fav), email, blogging, and PPC.

Recent MarketingSherpa survey results are pretty interesting. PPC, trade shows, direct mail, and telemarketing are going down.

Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Chart 2012

What does this mean for you? 3 things:

  1. Continue attracting your ideal customers with SEO (thought be sure you know of all the major changes going on in SEO today)
  2. Build those relationships on social media
  3. Ensure you have email capture forms on your site. My favorites are the “subscribe to the blog” and “fill out my contact form” forms.
Before you head back to your site to check things out though…

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  1. a better SEO is the best way to generate a lead also there is an option of PPC but SEO is good for websites. You described it well about SEO. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ohh, ppc is going down? Who will tell poor Google? 🙂
    Thanks for the ebook Robert, I’m sure it’s great.
    I’m a bit lacking on point n.2 but I’m working on that. If only SEO wouldn’t change from month to month due to G schizophreny it would be easier to deal with it.

    •  @Andrea T. H. W. #2 on that list is an ongoing activity that just takes time. Keep at it Andrea!
      As for SEO changing on a continual basis – forming relationships with your readers and social media communities can help with that, making you less reliant on SEO. SEO is relatively passive. Pro-active is the way to go.

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