Stop Playing Follow The Leader And Be The Leader

Be the green fish - the leader

It's time to be the green fish, so to speak

When it comes to marketing, there are two extremely important questions you need to answer whether you are running a business or leading one. Those two questions are:

  1. Who is your ideal customer?
  2. What is your ultimate goal?

I ask these two questions of each and every lead that's attracted to Dempsey Marketing. The reason is that every piece of marketing – every blog post, every Tweet, every Google+ and Facebook update and share, EVERYTHING comes back to the answers to these two questions.

We'll be covering the first question – who is your ideal customer – in great depth in the first issue of Dempsey Marketing Magazine coming to iPads everywhere January 2012. In this post I want to talk with you about ultimate goals.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

Is it to increase revenue? Is it to attract more of your ideal customers to your website? Is it to position your company as the leader in your industry?

If you operate a not-for-profit is your goal to increase awareness of the plight of a certain group of people? It is to increase the amount of donations you receive each month so that you can help a greater number of people?

If you're a life or career coach is your goal to help more people achieve freedom in their lives? Do you want to help more people escape corporate life and work for themselves, from anywhere? Is it to help people get more time with their families?

As an entrepreneur is your goal to build a company you are truly proud of that also makes you look good? Is it to make a huge impact on the world? Is it to achieve and maintain the type of lifestyle you want, one where you call the shots?

What is your ultimate goal?

Regardless, there are three things you need to do.

There Are Always Other People Involved

Every single goal listed above involves people outside of yourself. You always make an impact on the lives of others, and no man is an island – we all need help. And we don't have printing presses in our houses that will happily churn out the currency for us.

What we need to do is attract two groups of people to our business:

  1. Our ideal customers – a small percentage of the overall
  2. People that will help us spread our message – the vast majority

Helping both these groups is absolutely necessary – they are not mutually exclusive. And in order to do that you need to be the authority. That means you need to stop playing follow the leader and be the leader.

Be The Leader

Becoming the leader in your niche requires three things:

  1. Other people saying you are the authority
  2. To show that you are the authority
  3. Deliver well beyond the expectations of every customer that comes in the door

Are you ready to make that happen? Are you willing to take risks and have people criticize you for what you share?

Are you ready to be the leader?


  1. Rob

    I like the sound of Dempsey Marketing Magazine – thought I’d drop a comment before I head over and check out what that is!

    Knowing who your ideal client is – and what action you want them to take – is absolutely crucial if your website is gonna be successful. Otherwise you fall victim to this (a paraphrase of a marketing quote):

    50% of my efforts are successful – I just don’t know which 50%!


    • If a company can only measure 50% of their efforts (or really none at all from that cliche) then they are 100% failing. I’ll admit though that I learned this lesson the hard way with my first business and failed pretty hard trying to be all things to all people. Not a sound business strategy for sure.

      I look forward to hearing more about your magazine Paul.

  2. To me Robert, being a leader in marketing really comes down to two essential elements:

    1. A willingness to try thing that others simply refuse to (for their various reasons)

    2. A willingness to have an opinion and not be afraid to state it.

    And if I may add, I think you do these two things quite well.

    Have a great one brother,


  3. Ive challenged the leadership of apostolic faith to answer these questions. Getting some really great feedback from your information. In such a short time, its amazing what we can be missing. Great work im looking for maximum results. U da man.!

  4. Robert,

    Thank you for this post, rather timely for me. Right now, I’m enjoying social media and blogging, but I do want to make a career shift … it may not center on blogging, but that will be what drives everything else. That’s one of the reasons I started on this in the first place … A blog is a great accountability platform for me, but I do need to narrow my focus, and this helps. Really great advice here, thanks!

    • Good luck with your career shift Craig. And I’ve found that regardless of what company people have a blog can be the #1 way to attract and convert your ideal customers. So while you may not be doing blogging as a business using a blog for business is a huge win.

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