Thanking Your Leads With Surprise And Delight

During the Creating Lead-Generating Social Media Campaigns webinar yesterday (slides below), we talked about sending leads from your landing page to a thank you page, and then following up with an email. That's the minimum of what you need to do just to compete. In order to keep people as leads though, you need to ratchet up the value you give them. That's where surprise and delight come into play.

The Essence Of Content Marketing

Surprise and delight your leadsThe essence of content marketing is this – you provide valuable content for your ideal clients, they find it via search and social media, and if they find what you've written valuable, they keep listening to you. Over time, some of the potential clients become leads, and your current clients stay loyal as they continue to learn from you.

For years, corporations didn't buy into content marketing. Generally speaking, they're about 3-5 years behind the curve the rest of us are on. But here's the news – they are catching up. What that means for you as an entrepreneur is that once they get their game together, these large companies will be cranking out content like there's no tomorrow. If you think it's challenging now, just wait.

And frankly, there are only so many digital things you can initially offer leads in return for their contact information Рebooks, audios, videos, e-courses, WordPress plugin (or other software) Рand a handful of others. eBooks are a dime a dozen nowadays, and in my opinion, generally not enough value to get my contact info.

Having said all that, I continue to run into businesses that don't know how to best serve their customers. They are so far into their own heads, they lack empathy for those they supposedly serve. Here's how to avoid this with your business.

Surprise And Delight Your Leads

The question you need to answer is this – what additional product or service can you provide a lead that will be highly valuable to them, and at the same time floor them with the value?

Here's an example. For everyone that attended our webinar yesterday, we gave them a free competitor backlink analysis, a $250 value (see our pricing here). With this report in hand they will know:

  1. Where to get high-quality links to one-up the competition and rank better for my keyword searches
  2. Exactly which anchor texts (the clickable part of the link) should I use to outrank my niche competition
  3. How many links it'll take to propel my site to the top of the search engines… and get a ton of laser-targeted (and free!) traffic which translates into sales

And that's in addition to being able to download the slides, and, if they join the Dempsey Marketing Tribe, access to the webinar recording and all of our previous and future webinars.

Webinar Slides

Speaking of slides, here are the ones for yesterday's webinar:


How Do You Surprise And Delight Your Leads?

Please share your experience of surprising and delighting your leads:

  1. What do you give them?
  2. When do you give it to them?
  3. How do they react when you do?

Let's talk about it in the comments below!

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