Get A Kindle Fire HD And Website SEO Audit From Us

Every entrepreneur needs tools that help them know what's going on, and take action on what they've found. And not only that, you need the latest tools that help you move fast.

Win the Kindle Fire HD contest that starts today, and you'll have two. [Read more…]


Google AdWords Webinar For Dempsey Marketing Tribe Members

In fact, this is the first of a series of webinars we'll be doing exclusively for Dempsey Marketing Tribe members. What is the Dempsey Marketing Tribe? It's our super awesome atomic Triberr tribe. What's an atomic tribe? Dino explains that here.

What other webinars will ONLY our Dempsey Marketing Tribe members have access to? Here's a partial list we've cooked up: [Read more…]


Happy 4th Of July 2012!

A very happy 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans at home and abroad! I hope you have a fantastic holiday today, and get to spend time with your family.

236 years ago our founding fathers took a huge chance by declaring their independence from Britain, arguably the most powerful nation on the face of the earth at the time. It was a big risk. For them it was the right thing to do, and it change the course of history.

America was founded by such men, men willing to risk it all to gain the freedom they so desperately wanted, freedom they believed was a right. But they were not alone in their fight. Men and women both white and black fought and died for the independence of our country. It is because of their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of countless others over the past few hundred years that we enjoy our freedom and place in the world.

I thank them.

I also thank the men and women that today continue to secure our freedom and the freedom of those who, like us, know they deserve it and are fighting for it.

America is not a perfect country. As Winston Churchill said, “democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” We have a long way to go – we all do. But having traveled to many countries, living abroad for close to two years, and seeing the conditions of many others, I will say frankly that I love my country and would prefer to live nowhere else.

While you are enjoying your day off be cognizant and thankful for those that have come before that allow us many opportunities that others don't have. This is something we should never take for granted. Keep it all in perspective.

Well, enough reading blog posts – go get your grill on! That's where I'm heading today. One benefit of living in a German town is grilled brats and sauerkraut topped off tonight with steak. That's how we roll!

Have an excellent 4th of July this 2012.


Are You My Accountant?

I'm looking for an accountant, and here's what I need. Is this you?

We'll start our relationship with me describing my business and where I'm going with all this. From that you'll create a proper chart of accounts that makes the most sense. As you're the pro I'll leave that to you.

As we spend money I'll email you my receipts. As we make money I'll send you that information too. You keep track of all that goodness and email me, on a weekly basis, financial statements – P&L, balance sheet – the usual stuff. On a monthly basis we'll hop on a call and talk financial strategerie. At the end of the year if you can do my taxes that would also rock. [Read more…]


ChecklistApp Update: Twitter Sign In, Private Checklists And News

Today I have a quick update for you on

I'm happy to announce that we've made three large additions to the site:

  1. Twitter – you can sign into ChecklistApp using your Twitter account.
  2. Private Checklists – any checklist you create when signed in is private. It won't show up in the list of public checklists, ever.
  3. Updates – an “updates” page keeps you in the know with all the latest additions to the site. They're going to be coming hot and heavy so stay tuned

Sign in today with your Twitter account and start creating some private checklists.

Also over the past few days I added descriptions to checklists as well as updating our help page. If you have any questions about ChecklistApp put them in the comments below and I'll be happy to answer them and put them on the site. [Read more…]


Today I Launched to Make, Share, Save And Print Checklists

UPDATE: has been shut down. Thank you for everyone for trying out the app. And happy checklisting!

Ever have an itch that no one seems to be scratching? You find that you need a tool that does just one thing really well but that tool doesn't exist? Instead, all you find are existing apps that kind of do what you want but don't go far enough?

That's where creating and launching your own application comes in.

I've been told and found from experience that some of the best applications online today were created by people that couldn't find tools that did what they needed. I ran into that problem myself last week. Here's what happened. [Read more…]


Curation Traffic: Branding Bonus

Last week I told you about the awesome new WordPress curation theme – Curation Traffic – created by my friend and long-time content curator Scott Scanlon. This week I've got a bonus deal for you to help with your branding.

As part of the purchase price of this theme you receive a series of videos on how to curate content in as little as 15 minutes a day. Now you might not think that's much but rest assured that Scott has used the strategy he provides for his Defining New Media podcast which he put out Monday through Friday for years and built a huge audience.

Bottom line: it can be done. [Read more…]


What’s In Store For The Dempsey Marketing Community in 2012

With my coffee cup in hand I'm ready to bring the asskickery!

Happy new year!

Man I can't tell you how excited I am to be in 2012 and able to share it with you. This year is going to be fantasticly awesome.

We're kicking off 2012 with an update for the community. What's in store for the next few months? Tons of interviews with clients, referral partners, entrepreneurs and community members.

Thanks to my awesome wife Kookkai I got a new coffee cup in hand and productivity is high.

Tasty 🙂

What Do You Want From The Community This Year?

Have you joined the community yet? If not join here today. Otherwise…

How can I make your community experience even better? Please let me know in the comments below. All ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

Let's make 2012 rock your socks off!


Congratulations To Yesterday’s Comment Winners @NancyD68 @PetaLocsta And Joe Large

Happy comment winnerYesterday I asked a very important question – what do you want to be known for?

I got three answers from three different people. And to thank the three people that left comments – Nancy Davis, Quintius Monte Walker and Joe Large – I'm giving them each a 2 hour marketing strategy session. You all know how to reach me  as we've connected here, on Facebook and Twitter and Google+. We have almost too many options really so let's pick one and go from there.

It Takes Guts To Answer A Question Like That

By answering the question of “what do you want to be known for” you're telling the world what you stand for. It's a statement of who you are and what you believe. Not everyone will step up and do that.

It's also not an easy question to answer either. I know for me personally my answer has changed as I've learned more and experienced more in life.

Getting married changed my answer, and then again it was changed when my daughter was born. And frankly I'm still trying to fully put it into words.

Stand For Something Or Fall For Everything

It's an old cliche I know but it's very true. For years though we have mediocrity and conformity hammered into us. We're told that if we stand out too much we'll won't be part of the “in” crowd.

Seth Godin knows different though, because that time is coming rapidly to an end. Today there isn't a single “in crowd.” You don't have to be on a “special” list to have a dedicated group of fans and customers.

What you do need to do is stand up for who you are and what you believe in, face the very real and very misleading fear of loss in the face, and start talking letting people know what you're all about.

Will you bring everyone on earth into your circle? No. But you don't want that anyhow.

What you WILL do is attract the right people to you – your ideal customers, readers and other like minded individuals that you can help and that can help you.

Want To Be A Comment Winner?

You never know which post you comment on will make you a winner so please keep the comments coming and stay tuned for our next comment winner. I look forward to your comments today.


Let Me Know If You Will Listen To My Podcast

Podcast iconWhen I was cranking on Life Of The Freelancer I interviewed more than 200 entrepreneurs and freelancers and put the videos up on the site and the audio into iTunes. I was sorry to leave behind the more than 2000 subscribers when I stopped working on the site. But that's beside the point.

A friend of mine Scott Scanlon has a great podcast titled Defining New Media and as I was catching up on back episodes I was inspired to again do a podcast. But here's the catch…

Doing a podcast can be a lot of work. You have to:

  • Curate content relevant for your listeners
  • Prepare what you're going to talk about each episode
  • Record and edit the audio
  • Write a post to embed the audio into
  • Publish the podcast to iTunes
  • Promote the post and the podcast
  • Continue releasing episodes at least once a week depending on the length and doing all of the aforementioned bullet points

Now I am totally willing to do this for you, IF you're interested.

So far I've had a few handfuls of folks on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ say yes. And now I ask you:

Will you listen to my podcast?

Oh and let me tell you what it's all about.

Here at Dempsey Marketing we specialize in direct response social media marketing. That means we combine direct response marketing principles and strategies with social media. It's fun and profitable for our clients. In the course of delivering our products and services I'm reading a ton of books and blogs on:

  • Direct response marketing
  • Direct response advertising
  • Social networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and others
  • Social media marketing – using the above for marketing purposes (without being a jerk of course)
  • Blogging
  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead conversion (a lot of lead stuff)
  • Opt-in offers
  • Email marketing
  • Pricing strategies
  • Time management strategies (entrepreneurs are busy people)
  • Keeping a positive mental attitude (to deal with everything we all have to deal with)
  • Online advertising
  • Gamification (this one is new to me and very cool)
  • Consumer psychology
  • Affiliate marketing
  • And more but I don't want to bore you

All that is in addition to experience gained doing all of the above for myself and my clients.

Now believe it or not I can distill that into a weekly podcast – if you will listen to it and share it with others.

So let me ask you again:

Will you listen to my podcast?

Please let me know in the comments below.