Turn Everything You Do Into A Blog Post

Your day-to-day experiences are the best source of blog post ideas. The key is to turn the lessons you learn into actionable advice for your ideal clients. [Read more…]


When Creating Content Play To Your Strengths

Content comes in many forms – the written word, video, audio, images. And for every form of content, there are people that absolutely hate creating it. Excuses abound – there's no time, it's too expensive, I don't know how to do it, and on and on. So the question is: how can you easily create the content your business needs to be found in search engines and shared in social media? That what this post is all about. [Read more…]


The 3 Golden Rules Of Content Marketing

A few weeks ago, Dino and Dan of Triberr released a new feature into beta – Atomic Tribes (AT). The main difference between an AT and a standard tribe is that you only see the posts from the chief, the person that started it. The chief can also determine whether to require automatic posting of their content or not, whereas in a normal tribe, everything is manually approved.

Dino and Dan created Triberr to help smaller bloggers get more exposure. The more tribes you create and are involved in, the greater your reach. You can literally go from relative obscurity to having hundreds of tweets per post in a few months.

But what does that mean? What responsibility do you have to the people sharing your posts and reading your blog, and how does that factor into content marketing? Let’s look at it. [Read more…]


The Next Evolution Of Content Marketing Is Here

While many companies are struggling with how to use content to effectively market their businesses, many others have been offering free ebooks, videos, and other “ethical bribes” to get people onto their email lists. For more than 5 years, this has been par for the course. And as the amount of free information increases, the perceived value of it goes down. People are becoming less willing to give their information over.

It's time to step up the game; it's time to evolve.

Atomic Tribes from Triberr is that next step in the evolution of content and social media marketing. It takes the best of RSS and email marketing, and adds a crucial social aspect that has been missing.

To effectively use Atomic Tribes, you have got to provide people value well beyond a free ebook. In this short video I show you how to increase the reach and influence of your content on social media. [Read more…]


Getting Tired Of All The Blah Blah In Blogging

Here I sit on a hot Saturday afternoon in Thailand, going between thinking of what to write about and reading the most recent addition to my reading list. I haven't written anything here for a few weeks, and there's a few reasons for that. I've been super busy with client work – wrapping up a few projects and starting a few more. Also, we'll be returning to the United States this coming week, and already the agenda is full of client and partner meetings.

I've been reflecting on our almost 2 years here in Thailand, and what it means to me. I've been thinking a lot about what I'll do once we're back in the US. Needless to say, the plans are big. And that brings me to the real reason I haven't been blogging the past few weeks – I'm tired of all the blah blah in blogging.

[Read more…]


Got A Weekly Show? Keep Your Fans Engaged Between Episodes

As VP of Client Marketing at Gunner Technology (my other “job”) I get to work with some big clients. One such current client is launching a television network.

As part of our research for this client, we discovered how people currently interact with television. Bottom line: it’s no longer a one-way medium. Today, while watching their favorite show, someone will sit with tablet in hand or laptop by their side. They’ll talk about a show with friends on Twitter and Facebook while they view it.

This trend behooves television networks to provide a place for these fans to discuss the show, and get others involved. However that’s only one part of the equation. With shows being a weekly occurrence, what about all that time in-between? [Read more…]


Quick Tip: Using Trackbacks For Relationship Building

Trackbacks are a feature of WordPress that let you know someone has linked to a page or post on your WordPress site. You’ll see trackbacks if you link one post to another (good for SEO and time-on-site) or someone on another site links to you. You can use these trackbacks for both relationship building and lead generation. Let’s see how. [Read more…]


Find Out What Your Blog Readers Really Want With Google Site Search

Many of the website analytics we use tell us quantitative things – how many people are visiting our blogs, what they read, how much the read, and on and on. However that's only 50% of what we need to know to make our blogs more effective business tools. The other 50%? Qualitative data.

Qualitative data tells us the why, which isn't always easy to figure out. One step in the right direction is using Google Site Search inside of Google Analytics.

Google Site Search tracks what people are searching for on our sites. And not only that, it can tell us if they didn't find what they were looking for with their first query! That's rock your socks off kind of stuff. [Read more…]


Find Out How Much Value Is Provided By Your Blog

Blogs are built for conversation. It's why all major blogging platforms have a comment feature. And now even Google is reported to be getting into the comment game, though that could have something to do with mass amounts of people leaving Blogger, or because it sucks.

There are many blog metrics you can and should be measuring, including but definitely not limited to:

  1. Audience growth
  2. Author contribution
  3. Number of inbound links
  4. Number of social shares on a per-post basis
  5. RSS subscriber growth
  6. Email list subscriber growth

But there's one that you may have overlooked – conversation rate. [Read more…]


How To Ensure You Read The Blog Posts Most Valuable For You

So many blogs to read, so little time. So how do you decide which ones to read?

In two words: blog summaries.

Here's the problem. If you're anything like me you may have a ton of RSS feeds in your RSS reader. Perhaps you have the posts of a few choice blogs going straight to your inbox. Either way, over time the RSS feeds start to stack up and you quickly become inundated with unread items. As I write this Reeder tells me I have 718 unread items.

That's just a few 😉 [Read more…]