Blueprint For New Business Marketing

SEO, social media, Google AdWords, retargeting, blogging, video, mobile websites, e-commerce, – it's enough to drive a new business owner crazy.

Let's stop the madness! [Read more…]


How To Use The Power Of Story To Increase Sales

For thousands of years, humans have used stories to pass knowledge from generation to generation. The power of story is well known in the world of marketing – the most powerful campaigns today use it to great advantage. And anyone who reads books or stays glued to the news stations can attest to it's power. However, story isn't merely the domain of large companies or popular authors. You too can use the power of story to increase sales. [Read more…]


How To Enter A Crowded Market

An excellent friend on Twitter recently asked me if it's possible to enter a crowded market, and if so, how to do it. Well, it is completely possible, and companies and people do it all the time.

Here's how to do it. [Read more…]


Integrate Your Marketing Systems For Massive Productivity

When first starting out, many bootstrapping entrepreneurs don't have the funds to purchase massive marketing automation platforms. Not to fret! Save your money.

In this video I show you how to integrate three systems – your website, Highrise, and Formstack, to streamline your marketing. [Read more…]


Want To Write A Book? Here’s How To Get Started Today

There is no doubt that writing a book is a great way to generate more business. However, many people have trouble starting.

In this video, I'll show you how I got started writing my first Kindle book, and you can too.

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Crank Out Proposals Fast And Win More Business

One of the first things they teach you in an MBA program is that cash is king. More specifically, cash flow is king. If the flow is positive, your business grows. If it's negative, you're dead.

One key to keeping cash flow positive is being able to quickly send out proposals to clients and get signed agreements. In this video, I'll show you how to do that. [Read more…]


How Is Your Company Adapting To Changing Consumers?

Thanks to the Internet and the rise of social media platforms, consumers have changed their behavior, and their expectations of the companies they connect with. In this video you'll gain the guidance you need to adapt to changing consumer expectations. [Read more…]


When Working With Clients You Need To Put Yourself First

I've spoken with many entrepreneurs who have so much client work on their plate they are unable to do anything for their business. And while it can be argued that doing things for your clients IS doing something for your business, it's only a small piece of the pie.

In a recent post – Most Of Your Business Won't Make Money – we looked at how 80% of what your business does doesn't directly earn you money, it enables you to earn it. It's that 80% that I'm referring to when I say you need to put yourself first. Why? Because if you don't do that 80% you're going to run into a brick wall. Here's a story on that.

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Here’s What We’re Here To Do

One of the greatest benefits I gained from the Breakthrough To Success 2012 seminar with Jack Canfield, was clarity. I gained enormous clarity about why I am here, and what I am meant to do. Knowing what my purpose certainly makes life, and my decisions, much easier.

While some may regard thoughts along this line as fru fru, or wacky, it is my most sincere belief that there are three aspects of ourselves we must master, if we are to have fulfilled lives, and be able to help others with what we do. [Read more…]


Most Of Your Business Won’t Make Money

Here’s the deal – a vast majority of what you, as an entrepreneur do, everyday, doesn’t directly make you money. Sitting down and recording your income and expenses – doesn’t directly make you money. Reading books and magazines for personal and professional growth – doesn’t directly make you money. Recording all of your internal processes so you can scale your business – doesn’t directly make you money.

There are two sides to this coin. [Read more…]