Online Data Collection Explodes Year Over Year in US

The amount of companies tracking all of our online movements is really astounding. There are literally hundreds of companies building profiles of us, all for the purpose of selling those profiles to advertisers.

In today's interactive advertising ecosystem, data has become a valuable form of currency. In fact, an April report from and DIGIDAY found a significant majority of marketers in North America used data to enhance their ad targeting efforts. – eMarketer

The way that businesses market is directly related to their beliefs about people. If you believe that people don't know what they want, you don't ask. Instead, you track everything they do and run algorithms in attempt to figure it out.

If, on the other hand, you believe that even if people don't know what they want they do know what they want to accomplish, you talk with them and attempt to get to the heart of the matter.

The challenge? Time and cost. [Read more…]


Applying Lessons From Historic Wars To Business And Marketing Strategy

At the age of 20 I had much more confidence than business acumen. I believe that I could do a better job of serving customers than my boss, so I quit my job and started my own IT firm. It was by shear tenacity that I was able to gain more business and grow my company. But when strategy struck the Washington D.C. Area, first 9-11 and then the Beltway Sniper Attacks in 2002, I was ill-equipped to handle the negative impact.

At the time of the downturn I lacked two things: strategy, and organization. However, as history has shown, strategy without organization does not win wars. [Read more…]


Lessons On Follow-Up And Persistence From A Dog

How is your follow-up with potential and current clients? Do you send a message after every meeting, outlining what was discussed and next steps? Do you send a message before each meeting, preferably containing an agenda and perhaps objectives of the call? Are you adding every potential and current client to your CRM system and connecting with them on social media?

If your answer to the above is “not so much” take a lesson from this little doggie… [Read more…]


Strategy Trumps Tactics Every Time

If you want to take your business from 0 to $100 million or a billion, strategy will get you there. Most of what you read out there is tactics. A website is a tactic, blogging is a tactic, social media is a tactic, email marketing is a tactic. The difference between strategies and tactics is the difference between working smarter rather than harder. As a busy entrepreneur, working smarter is what you need to focus on.

So today, let’s talk about the 3 steps that will help you begin developing a strategy that will give you the edge against any competition you have now or in the future, and positions your company for maximum growth. [Read more…]


How One School Miscommunication Made Me Think I Lost My Daughter

The other day I thought I lost my daughter. She was supposed to come home from school with her friend. After being told the bus would be late and waiting for an hour, we were told, by the bus driver, that someone else had taken her home, and he didn’t know who. My daughter Palamee is 4-and-a-half, and her friend is 4-years-old. [Read more…]


The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Web Designer

Frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing stories about horrible web designers. It seems that companies big and small taking money from clients, putting them through a nightmare experience, and never delivering what they promise has become common place. And that’s IF you can get the person to whom you just gave your money to get back to you, or even talk with you in the first place. If that story is a familiar one, perhaps it happened to you, or you’d like to avoid this happening, this is YOUR guide. [Read more…]


The Keys To Strong Partner Relationships

If you've recently seen my Twitter or LinkedIn profiles (not sure why you could but it's a possibility) you'll have seen that I have two “job” titles: CEO and Founder of Dempsey Marketing and VP Client Marketing at Gunner Technology. The reason for this is that I have a very strong business relationship with my friend Cody Swann, the owner of Gunner Technology. It's taken some time for he and I to reach this level and I wanted to share some lessons that I've learned over the course of the few years he and I have worked together.

Lesson One: Relationships Take Time

Cody and I have known each other for a few years. We became friends via the web development community. He was asking online if anyone was interested in Node development and I answered that call. While we didn't work much on a project that started things off. The rest, they way, is history, some of which you'll read about today. [Read more…]


An Expanded View Of What Your Clients Can Do For You

For many businesses clients and customers are targets for product announcements and future purchases. While we could debate whether this mindset is good or bad, for this post let's keep “good” and “bad” out of it. Rather let's approach the conversation from this viewpoint – if a business views it's clients and customers merely as targets to be sold to, that business is missing out big time.

As a consultant, a false and dangerous idea for me is to think that I have all the answers for my clients though they have none for me. This could not be further from the truth. In fact there is a metric ton that I can learn from my clients, and I don't mean simply how to sell them on more products and services. [Read more…]


Nothing Is Your Strongest Competition

Many small business owners believe that because of their size and referral business they have no competition. They're only partially right.

There's one competitor we all face that is stronger than any other competition we may come up against.

This foe has no shape, it transcends demographics, and it can strike when you least expect. It is completely without conscience.

The competitor of which I speak, is nothing, or more specifically, doing nothing.

I was watching an excellent presentation that Avinash Kaushik gave at O'Reilly Strata 2012 – What Marketers Can Learn From Analysts. Something Avinash said really struck me – that today the path someone takes to purchase is so convoluted it's impossible to point to one factor and say definitively that it was the source of the purchase. [Read more…]


Want Clients For Life? Embrace Your Inner Hacker

Something I haven't told people for a very long time is why I got into IT more than 12 years ago. The reasoning has served me well and as I build Dempsey Marketing to a much larger business, it will continue to serve me.

My business consultant Lauri Flaquer (also a client of mine) has a fantastic saying. Lauri says:

I help you get clients for life! That's what you want. That's what I do.

The way Lauri does that is by helping you form the foundation of your business. And she's awesome at it. Just listen to a few of the testimonials her clients provided and you'll see why. But I digress… [Read more…]