A Better Way of Learning Machine Learning

Do you find yourself frustrated in your attempts to learn about machine learning? Do you find, like me, that many of the online classes you attend require a masters or PhD to understand, and that the books you read work with data that looks nothing like what you experience in real life?

My philosophy and approach to software engineering is, “keep it simple, make it work, then make it work better”. I use the same approach for learning. And when it came to digging into machine learning, or ML for short, was it simple? Not so much. But it can be with the right framework in place.

Perhaps you want to learn ML because you see that's the direction the technology industry is heading in and you want one of the jobs that the news people tell us will replace hundreds of others. Perhaps you want to learn ML because you would like a new position at your current job or a new job entirely. Perhaps you don't need ML today, but want to be the technology leader that brings it to your organization and creates a metric ton of business value.

I believe I can help you, but you to tell me if you think that's true.

Today I'm happy to announce a new online course for software engineers who want to gain a foundational knowledge of ML, engineers who, like me, subscribe to the philosophy of Keep it Simple and Make it Work™.

“So what Rob?!”, you might say, “There are tons of courses online where I can learn big data things.” And yes there are, but they aren't like this. They won't give you the complete foundation or support you need, or that added ingredient to get you past the finish line.

Visit the Introduction to Data Science course page to find out what I mean >>


Career Advice From a Unicorn

Since leaving Snagajob one month ago I've thought a lot about what I've done in my career – what's worked, what hasn't, what's truly important to me, and what I want from a job.

I've been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time with the right skill set surrounded by the right people. In looking back I realized the path I've been on is one I purposefully created. It is my belief that you can have a similar experience, and blaze your own path to success.

In this post I'm going to lay out the lessons I've learned over the past 17 years in the tech industry. While these lessons can be applied generally my experience is in tech, specifically IT and software development. To that end my goal is to share the lessons I've learned in the hopes they will help you have a long career in tech, an industry full of rapid advancement and continuous change.

As with many things in life, it starts with a solid foundation. [Read more…]


Foxtato: The Key to Winning at Life

Foxtato You Can do the Thing

Every so often something so powerful happens that it causes you to reevaluate what you believe, and how you've been acting on those beliefs.

For years I've been acting a certain way towards those I work with, whether it was when I was running my own business, or, as I am now, working for someone else. I've also been acting this way at home. I see my children starting to act this way too. It's a way of acting that I simply didn't want to believe I was doing.

That's not possible.

– Me

What I was doing was operating with a defeatist attitude. [Read more…]


Recruiters: How to Find Good Software and Data People


If you're a software developer, data engineer or data scientist with a LinkedIn profile or website, you're probably hearing from recruiters on a daily basis. No longer are these folks dressing in suits and attending meetup – they're getting a bit more savvy.

If you're a recruiter I've got two tips for finding awesome software and data peeps, without pissing anyone off. Read on! [Read more…]


Control Your Outcomes


Operating from a victim mentality means you believe that events in your life happen to you, and that you have no control over them. The key to knowing that that isn't the case is, paradoxically, humility. [Read more…]


How I Got A New Job Inside One Month

Job In One Month Sun Rising

A fortuitous meeting I almost didn't make led to my getting a job exactly one month to the day I was let go from my former one. [Read more…]


What To Do Before Your Job Interview

Nailing your job interview and having means being prepared.

Nailing your job interview and having fun means being prepared.

Now that you've got your job interview scheduled, it's time to find out just who you're about to talk with.

Here's how to gather information you can use in your job interviews, and how to use it. [Read more…]


How I’m Finding My Next Job

Get a Job

Looking for another job?

Like marketing a business, finding a job requires taking massive action and doing many things at once.

I'm currently on the hunt for my next job. If you're in this position, or think you're about to be, here's my advice to you based on what I'm doing. [Read more…]