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Follow Master Yoda's advice padawan


The 3 Golden Rules Of Content Marketing

A few weeks ago, Dino and Dan of Triberr released a new feature into beta – Atomic Tribes (AT). The main difference between an AT and a standard tribe is that you only see the posts from the chief, the person that started it. The chief can also determine whether to require automatic posting of their content or not, whereas in a normal tribe, everything is manually approved.

Dino and Dan created Triberr to help smaller bloggers get more exposure. The more tribes you create and are involved in, the greater your reach. You can literally go from relative obscurity to having hundreds of tweets per post in a few months.

But what does that mean? What responsibility do you have to the people sharing your posts and reading your blog, and how does that factor into content marketing? Let’s look at it. [Read more…]


The Balance Of Being A Husband, Father And Entrepreneur

We married male entrepreneurs face a much different set of challenges than our forebears. The “traditional” family structure of the husband providing 100% of the family income while the wife stays at home with the kids is dead. Two-income households are the norm, and with women at work, men are required to take on additional household responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, father, and a husband to a wife who is also an entrepreneur, I have found balancing responsibilities to be more a matter of choice, than adherence to traditional cultural norms.

This article is inspired by a recent Atlantic article, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Mrs. Slaughter wrote about her experience being a mother while holding high positions including Director of Policy Planning at the State Department (2009-2011) and Dean of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. While it would be presumptuous of me to attempt a summarization of the article, which I recommend you read in full, it made me think of the challenges that I face.

This is what I would like to discuss with you today. [Read more…]


This Is How comScore Tracks Everything You Do Online

If you think you have any privacy online, think again. Simply visiting one website can trigger connections to as many as 10 or 20 more, all of which can place tracking cookies on your computer and see where you go.

Sound scary? It is.

Since reading “The Intention Economy” by Doc Searls I wondered just how little privacy we have online. The answer: very little. To find out just how little I embarked on a mission to see how much of my online activity is tracked. It was on that journey I discovered something I hadn’t expected – one way that comScore, the company that releases research on Internet usage, actually gets that data.

I think you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. [Read more…]


Today Is Not Yesterday And Tomorrow Will Be Even More Different

This morning the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 80,000 jobs were created in June (source). Specifically, private payrolls increased by 84,000 jobs while the government lost 4,000. The (national) unemployment rate hold steady at 8.2%. The pundits in the media say that the jobs numbers are what can make or break the re-election of President Obama, but that's beside the point today.

The other day Sean McGinnis shared a post on Facebook by Sierra, currently a grad student, titled “Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We’re Not Special” (source). I suggest reading her entire post, however one paragraph in particular stands out to me for our conversation here: [Read more…]


Feeling A Little ADD? Blame The Internet

When you’re finished reading this post, please be sure to leave a comment, because I want to know what you think about his important topic.

I just finished reading “The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr. The basic premise of the book is that, due to the continuous flood of information coming at us, we are, generally speaking, losing our ability to maintain focus for longer periods of time. But it’s not all bad news. In exchange for our inability to focus for long periods, we gain the ability to process smaller bits of information faster, and to identify patterns in that data.

Now, if your job is to sit in front of a computer screen all day and interact with people on Twitter or Facebook, you’re in luck. However if you need to be able to see the big picture, think strategically, or perform a task that requires you to maintain focus, you’re S-O-L, unless you do a few things… [Read more…]


The Failure Of Us Versus Them Tactics

Not much has changed in this little town since my wife brought me here 10 years ago. Well one thing has changed – the town is much more divided. Why? Politics. Who benefits? Not the people. Only the politicians. So what will the town look like in another 10 years? I’m guessing, pretty much the same, unless something radical happens, which I doubt.

For millennia, politicians and businesses alike have used an “us versus them” strategy to build brand loyalty. It works, amazingly well. One doesn’t have to look far for examples. Exhibit A: Apple. Apple built a brand around “thinking differently” and in more recent years the Mac vs. PC ads ( which as a devotee I love). [Read more…]


Succeeding At One-On-One Marketing With Gary Vaynerchuk

The greatest accomplishment of the Internet is the connection of human beings. No other medium has enabled human connectedness like the Internet. And it has changed everything.

Thanks to the Internet, social media came into being. Today, businesses are expected to be present online, and to have conversations with potential and current customers and clients. The voice of the consumer has become much louder, and any business not answering the call is doomed to fail. It’s only a matter of time. The less you care about others the less they will care about you.

Now is the time of one-on-one marketing. And it’s growing faster than anything that’s come before.

How can you, as the owner of a business, respond to this trend, take advantage of it, and gain a major advantage over your competition to fully embracing it at every level of your organization? Let’s see what the man Gary V. Has to say on the subject… [Read more…]


All Marketing Is A Conversation

For one- and two-person businesses online advertising has become a dead end, and in many cases a complete waste of time and money. This post is for people that are like my clients – one- and two-person operations that have a business website with a blog, and want to sideline all the tricks and crap that gets in the way of getting more business. If that sounds like you, please keep reading and let us know your thoughts in the comments. [Read more…]


Where Google Holds No Dominion

I recently sent an email to all of my awesome blog subscribers that asked a single question: what is the one thing that will help your business the most? I've received a number of great responses, and wanted to take today to begin to answer one of them.

As a side note, the question I asked falls into the “people know what they don't know” view of people rather than the “people don't know what they want until they're shown” view – something I'll be talking about in posts to come.

With that digression out of the way, here is the question I received back: [Read more…]