Expand Your Social Media Reach with HootSuite Apps

Expand your social media reach with HootSuite Apps

HootSuite is my favorite Twitter monitoring tool and I'm sure many of you like using it as well. The ability to monitor different streams based on Twitter lists, Twitter searches and multiple Twitter accounts make HootSuite an invaluable tool to include in your social media arsenal. Even with a free HootSuite account you can access to analytics and two versions of HootSuite's url shortener ( and But the real beauty of HootSuite is that it's use extends far beyond Twitter and allows us to easily monitor and share to widely popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and

HootSuite Apps

Did you know that HootSuite has an apps directory too? Let me show you some of the cool apps you can now add to HootSuite!

In the video you'll see that my favorite apps are YouTube, Summify and Tumblr, but you can also add streams to HootSuite for Flickr, Formulist, Constant Contact and Get Satisfaction. How's that for one little web-based Twitter client!? HootSuite apps are a great addition to the host of resources we can add to our accounts making it easier for use to share our content to any of favorite social networks right from the HootSuite dashboard.

Let's here from you – are you using HootSuite yet? What do you like most about it?