Simple and Sinister Kettlebell and Calisthenics Workout

KettlebellsKettlebells are a great way to get stronger, become more fit, and increase your endurance. Sometimes you may want to switch up your workout and do less kettlebell work and more explosive calisthenics. If so, this workout is for you. [Read more…]


My Exact Morning Routine Step-By-Step (feel free to copy, modify or comment)

Morning MistOver the past few years my morning routine has changed due to where we live, family responsibilities, where I'm working, and all the things I need to get done any given day. What began as simply checking my email while eating breakfast has morphed into an elaborate yet very structured method of measurements, weight training, supplements, healthy eating, email checking, seeing my family, 30+ minutes of reading each morning, and more.

Don't think a morning routine will work for you? Richard Branson says it's crucial to his success: [Read more…]