Direct Causes For Conversion Are Harder To Find

When it comes to lead generation, we marketers are always looking for direct causes. Today, this is a seriously misleading thought, and no longer serves the same purpose it once did.  Not every conversion can be traced back to a specific cause. As people increase their social levels along with their use of social platforms and devices, causes for conversions are going to become more difficult to find. [Read more…]


How Well You Can Expect Your Website To Convert

Many people ask me what kind of a conversion rate they can expect from their website. It's a very important question, and a metric you absolutely must determine, and stay on top of.

In this video, we discuss survey research for the B2B technology space, and the average conversion rates of different industries. [Read more…]


Offline Lead Generation Is Still Important

A recent Marketing Sherpa chart shows that 49% of marketers polled believe that offline marketing has become less important. With face-to-face being the best form of communication and selling, is that true?

Moreover, offline marketing is highly relevant for a number of industries where potential clients simply aren't spending much time online (yes, it's true). They read (physical) books, magazines, attend conferences, and more.

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[Video] A Crucial Lead Gen Element Missing From Service Provider Websites

We've found that many professional services firms – doctors, attorneys, accountants, and others – are missing a crucial piece of their websites: landing pages.

It isn't that hard to create these pages. Often, it takes a simple update to your website. Find out what to update in this video. [Read more…]


These Landing Page Layouts Will Get You More Leads

When it comes to capturing leads online, whether from online advertising or social media, you always need to use landing pages (see the rules of online marketing here). There are literally dozens of layouts you can use, and don't even get me started on design options. In this post I want to show you three, highly-proven landing page layouts guaranteed to get you leads. [Read more…]


The Most Powerful Form Of Social Proof There Is

Dean Hyers“Robert Dempsey tripled our site activity in one week!”

“The experience we got with Robert Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing was one of the most tangible, results-oriented, metrics-driven processes I’ve ever experienced. So many times you pay for marketing or consulting services, after which you say, “I think that will do some good.” Robert took the guess-work out of measuring his impact, documenting over 350% improvement in site visits, and over 360% increase in page views, along with many other gains. The people who are coming to our new site are actually staying there, reading it, and taking actions that are converting into sales. Only part way through week two after our launch, we’re seeing huge increases in Twitter and Facebook followers, and unbelievably high search-engine ranking, because Robert knows how to integrate our website with social media and search engines alike.

Robert Dempsey grasped our company and our goals. He’s fun to work with and excited about seizing opportunities to help his clients make more money. Robert sees opportunities I could never have spotted, going beyond marketing to systematically create customers and sales. Robert makes big impact quickly, and does most of the work for you, from SEO optimization, sales-letters that integrate with search engines, and techniques that bring in the right customer and connect them to the transaction.

This was faster and more effective than I could have imagined. If you ever think you can do it yourself better, you haven’t experienced Robert Dempsey. Nothing would make him happier than making you more money quicker, by applying his vast expertise to make the web work for you. At SagePresence, we’re glad we gave Robert Dempsey and Dempsey Marketing a chance to show us what we could do on the web. We look more professional and our business is working better because what’s under the hood has got it where it counts!”

– Dean Hyers, Film Director and Principal – SagePresence

Nothing Beats A Testimonial

When it comes down to brass tacks nothing beats a client testimonial. No amount of retweets, likes, shares, stumbles, votes, +1's, diggs or whatever we come up with next to share content beats a rock solid testimonial from a very satisfied client.

What It Shows

A testimonial like the one above that Dean graciously gave us after we completed a major update (some might say complete overhaul) of the SagePresence website shows a number of things:

  1. We are working with actual businesses
  2. Those businesses are run by the types of clients we want to work with
  3. We can absolutely deliver on what we say we will – a tangible improvement to the bottom line of the business
  4. The client is so happy he's willing to give us a glowing testimonial

The more of these you have the easier it is to get more of them.

How To Get Glowing Testimonials

There is only one way to get glowing testimonials, and that's to go above and beyond for your clients. Sound simple? Not so much. The project with SagePresence had its bumps, and at the end we had a frank discussion of what went well and what didn't.

I apologized for things that didn't go well on my side and they did the same.

That's the kind of rapport you want to build with your clients.

Now you may be thinking I'm just writing this to boost my ego and show off, and to an extent you could be right 🙂 But the point I want to hammer home is this: there are many companies out there that claim they can do a lot of stuff. Most of them are horrible and can't deliver a damn thing.

When you know you can deliver and talk about it you had better not just deliver but over deliver.

That's how you get what my friend, client and referral partner Lauri Flaquer calls clients for life.

That's how you build a business, not using shady short-term and short-sighted tactics.

You're running a marathon here not a sprint. It takes fantastic clients like Pete & Dean at SagePresence to keep a company going. You can attract more of your ideal clients when you over deliver when they come to you.

So go out, kick ass, take names, and focus on massively improving the lives of your clients. You will be rewarded.


Website Changes For Lead Generation: What’s Working Now

Website ChangesThinking of making website changes for lead generation? Well you've come to the right place.

In this post you'll find out what's working to convert today's visitors into tomorrows customers. And everything you read here are steps you can take now, like right now, to increase conversions on your site. If you're using WordPress you're in luck – it's going to be even easier and faster to make the small tweaks we'll be discussing.

Alright that's enough lead up let's get to the meat.

Change #1: Add More Opt-In Forms

This one comes first because if you don't do anything else, do this.

The bottom line is that if you want to convert more leads you need to capture more leads. In one sense you could call it a numbers game. Not everyone that becomes a lead is going to ultimately choose to become a paying customer. However, your changes are greatly increased if you can capture them in the first place and put them into a lead nurturing program.

So the question becomes where to put your opt-in forms.

Landing pages are the first place they belong, and there's no need to cover those as the purpose of a landing page is to capture leads (or make sales). However there are many other opportunities to capture leads, for instance:

  • On the home page of your blog
  • On the home page of your website
  • At the top of a single post page (ack WordPress terminology! A single post page is what you're looking at here, just a page with a single blog post)
  • At the bottom of a blog post
  • On the sidebar at the very top (if you have a sidebar that is)
  • In the footer
  • On the about page
  • On a resource page such as our How To Blog and How To SEO pages

Basically every page on your site can have an opt-in form unless it's a roadmap page, meaning a page that someone goes through to get to a destination page, such as a blog post. But even then, you can have opt-in forms.

Change #2: Remove The Sidebar

As Cathy Presland said in a retweet of my post on removing the sidebar from your blog, “too sidebar or not to sidebar,” that is the question.

Whether or not to have a sidebar on your blog is up for debate and I definitely recommend testing your site without one and seeing if engagement goes up or down. But regardless of which side of the fence you're on with this one it comes down to knowing what Steve Scott calls your most wanted response.

Simply put what is the number one goal on your site? Is it to educate people? Is it to capture leads? Is it to sell affiliate products? Is it to showcase your music and hope for a record gig?

How does removing the sidebar help with this? In a single column layout there's only a few actions someone can take once they are on a blog post:

  1. Share it – doesn't take them off the site
  2. Comment – doesn't take them off the site
  3. Take you up on your call to action
  4. Browse to another page using the navigation (if you have that)
  5. Leave

If you're in business you're going to want 1-4, sometimes in that exact order. Regardless though once you know your most wanted response restructure your entire site to focus on it while still providing a lot of value to your readers. Never forget about them – they keep your business going.

Change #3: Create Resource Pages

The SEO term for a “resource page” is a roadmap page. These pages consist of:

  • A headline
  • A few paragraphs of content
  • Links to resources you've created – blog posts, opt-in offers (ebooks, videos, etc.)
  • An opt-in form

Resource pages are great for a few reasons. First, they are fantastic for SEO. People are more likely to link to a large page of resources rather than a single blog post. And we're talking high-quality links. Second, these pages are a fantastic place to send people to as the offer a ton of information.

Here's an example of a roadmap page:

How To SEO resource page example

Click to see a larger version of the How To SEO resource page example

The key here is to build links to these pages and keep them up to date with the best resources you can provide.

Change #4: Clean Up Your Sidebar

If you're going to keep your sidebar definitely keep it clean. At one point my sidebar included:

  • A large opt-in form with an ebook graphic, later replaced by a single graphic served from our customized ad server
  • Links to every social network I'm on, which took up about two rows of six across
  • Popular posts via PostRank
  • Recent comments
  • Even more stuff I thankfully can't remember

The first thing your sidebar needs at the very top is an opt-in form. This could be for either a free ebook or guide, or updates via email for your blog.

The next thing you might add are banners to your main resource pages. Here's an example from the Social Triggers blog (which is awesome by the way):

Derek Halpern Social Triggers Sidebar

Click to see the image larger

After that Derek has his popular posts, which is something I'd definitely test against “recent posts.” Nope they aren't the same and terminology can make a big difference.

In all the above examples the goal is to keep the visitor on your site for a longer period of time. You work hard to get them there so why send them away so easily?

What Do You Think?

Have you tried any of these on your blog already? What kind of results did you see from the changes?

Let's talk about it in the comments below.

I'll see you there…


Use The Social Media Sales Funnel and Stop Sending Customers Away

Money shredderDo you ever wonder if all those social media links are costing you leads?

Now I'm not talking about the share buttons you see hovering over to your left, or that you have access to on your mobile device. What I'm talking about is a typically thick strip of icons that tell people to join you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and about 60+ other social media sites that can help you display social proof.

Bottom line: all of those buttons are sending people from your blog, your home base, to a site that you don't control.

So have you been lied to all this time about how to use social media? Does this mean you should stop using Twitter and Facebook?

Not at all. What you need is to put these sites into their proper place, at the top of the social media sales funnel.

The Social Media Sales Funnel

Here's what this elusive beast looks like. Prepare as I stretch my lack of graphics skill to the limit…

Social Media Sales Funnel

At the top of the funnel we have SEO and social media which in this case does not include blogging. Ideal customers are attracted from social media and SEO into the next stage of the funnel which is your blog. From there vistors are captured as leads, enter into a lead nurturing program where ultimately customers are earned.

As with every funnel only a certain percentage move from stage to stage. Here the only reason that the lead nurture stage is smaller than the lead capture is that we're sure to see some drop off. If you're using double opt-in people might not see the emails and verify that they want your freebie. Also, some people are funnel jumpers and might go straight from lead capture to customers.

It could happen. Be happy when it does.

With the exception of funnel jumpers everyone else should go into a lead nurturing program.

This takes us back to the million dollar question…

Once Someone Is On Your Site, Why Send Them Away?

There may be a few reasons, but building a community around your business isn't a strong enough one.

With each social network you operate on you want to not only provide value but provide a bit of value you don't offer anywhere else. You may be running a contest on Facebook or perhaps send your Twitter followers a download link for an ebook. In any case, be sure that offer isn't available anywhere else than that network.

The Two-Week Challenge

Here's a challenge for you, if you choose to accept it. If you do accept it let us know by leaving a comment down below. Then do the following:

Write down the number of followers you have on Twitter and the number of likes on your Facebook page. Wait a week and write down the number of each you have. This is your benchmark.

Make a full backup of your WordPress site and widgets.

Remove any social media buttons from your site that send people off of your site. This could be a widget or footer links. Be sure you can get them back.

Wait one week.

At the end of the week write down how many Twitter followers you have along with the number of Facebook likes your page has.

Any significant change? Did the growth of these communities slow down at all?

Let us know in a reply to your comment below.

Good luck.


The Website Layout To Use To Generate Leads

With so many website layouts available, which should you use to generate leads? What works best on today's social, content-driven web? That's what we're talking about today.

During a few mastermind sessions with my friends Scott Scanlon and Cody Swann I began to question whether or not the recent structural changes here on the Dempsey Marketing blog are the best for lead generation. Since the changes all important metrics have improved and the number of leads coming in per day has stayed steady. Then I saw the changes Scott made to his site with the launch of the new You Brand Inc. platform. And then yesterday I was talking with Cody and saw the changes he was making.

Between us we have three very different site layouts. All of our companies are busy, but does one model work better than the other? Watch this video and find out. Then let me know what you think in the comments.


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