As Google Slowly Kills SEO, What’s Next?

SEO is going out and we're still excited!

SEO is going out and we're still excited!

After nineteen panda and five penguin updates, Google has changed the game of SEO, making marketing automation the most important tool of marketers today.

It's October of 2013 and marketers can no longer count on Google telling them which keywords people are using to find their online content. But rather than making content less valuable, it increases the need to track user behavior. [Read more…]


Without Social Media Your SEO Is Going Nowhere

Two years ago you could get your webpages ranked in the search engines if you followed a simple formula. You started with keyword research to find the right keywords, you then wrote content which the search engines loved, and finally you'd build some high-quality links to let Google and others know that people valued that content.

Today, the SEO game has drastically changed. Today, if you want your website to even show up in Google, you need to harness the power of social media. [Read more…]


3 Ways To Beat SEO Competition That Doesn’t Use Keywords

When creating an SEO strategy, it's common to create your list of keywords using words and phrases that have to do with your products and services. It's also common to take a look at your competition, and see which words and phrases they're ranking for.

Back in 2009, after Matt Cutts announced that Google no longer used the keyword meta tag as a ranking factor (link), many websites stopped using them. One reason, is that competitors could no longer determine what keywords they were trying to rank for.

In one aspect this is great; however, when you're trying to do competition research, it doesn't help. So how do you beat your competition in SEO when you don't know the keywords they are using? Let's take a look at 3 ways. [Read more…]


Reduce Dependence on SEO With A Visitor Source Portfolio

If you’re focusing only on SEO, you’re missing out. If you’re sinking all of your ad budget into Google AdWords, you’re missing out. If you are putting all of your eggs in one basket, well, you know what they say…

With the rapid rise of social media platforms some are hailing the demise of email marketing, direct mail, SEO and other client-attraction (or annoyance depending on your view) methods that have been around for quite some time. I say poo poo to all these folks.

Today if you want to ensure that you’re in front of your current and potential ideal clients, what you need to build is a visitor source portfolio. [Read more…]


BREAKING: Google Makes Search Smarter And SEO Harder

Earlier today Google began rolling out a huge update to it’s search engine – the Knowledge Graph. This is a step toward what Google considers the next evolution of search – to understand what we’re searching for and return the relevant information. While I applaud this update as an improvement for searchers everywhere, this is another step toward a much more difficult world for any business operating online.

Here’s why… [Read more…]


SEO Still Tops The Charts For Lead Generation

I remember growing up and having the phone ring during dinner. My Mom would run to get it, and a few second later I'd hear the familiar phrase: “We do not take solicitations over the phone.” That happened on a daily basis, sometimes a few times per day.

As with every industry cutbacks occur and what was a voice on the other line turned into a computer with a recorded message. I'd try sending the “do not call” signal to the computer by continuously hitting the “0” button on the phone. That never worked.

Between do-not-call lists and consumer backlash I'm happy to report those days are almost at an end! But if annoying the hell out of people on the phone isn't getting companies leads, what is? [Read more…]


Why Is Google Holding Our Keywords Hostage?

Before you read this post do me a small favor – open up your Google Analytics account, select your website profile, under Traffic Sources click the Overview link, and on the bottom right in the Keywords section click view full report.

Google Analytics Keyword Report

Google Analytics Keyword Report

Do you see (not provided) on that list? Read on my friend… [Read more…]


Is The Future Of Search A Dead End?

When do you use a search engine? How do you use a search engine? How do you decide if you need to use a search engine in the first place? Are there alternatives that provide “better” answers faster?

These are some of the questions we were discussing at a recent Ruby on Rails meetup. Let no one say we geeks don't ask the hard questions!

As the builder of a business that helps entrepreneurs attract and convert their customers online it's my job to consider the future and how best to postion them for it.

In November 2010 online marketing was pretty straight forward. With ideal customer profile in hand it was a matter of:

  1. Creating content that attracts your ideal customers
  2. Optimize the content for both search (being found) and social (being shared)
  3. Convert visitors to leads using a variety of methods
  4. Stay in touch with those leads until they become customers

And while the devil is in the details that was pretty much it.

Time have changed, and they are changing faster than every before. [Read more…]


Google’s 3-Prong Strategy That Has Changed SEO Forever

SEO has changed, and there is no going back. Want to ensure your site doesn't disappear from Google and that you're “future proofed” for the next round of vicious Panda updates? Read on.

Recently Search Engine Land reported that Google is de-indexing link networks like it's going out of style. That means that all the links they (the link networks) had in Google are now gone. In Google, they no longer exist.

This is just the latest round of updates Google has pushed out. And they're just getting warmed up.

Matt Cutts – Google's head of web spam  – recently gave a sneak preview into Google's next update. Their target? Overly SEO'd websites. Here's a tasty quote from the article:

We are trying to level the playing field a bit. All those people doing, for lack of a better word, over optimization or overly SEO – versus those making great content and great site. We are trying to make GoogleBot smarter, make our relevance better, and we are also looking for those who abuse it, like too many keywords on a page, or exchange way too many links or go well beyond what you normally expect. We have several engineers on my team working on this right now.

– Matt Cutts

Too much SEO? You're next in line for the Google smackdown. [Read more…]


Future-Proofing Your WordPress Site For SEO

SEO is a continuously evolving challenge for every business looking to attract and convert their customers online, which describes many businesses today. One of the latest updates to hit the radar is Google's support of something called microformats. In this post I want to give you the skinny on microformats and  let you know how to use them to future-proof your WordPress website for the future of SEO.


In short, microformats are markup on web pages that provide a much greater amount of information about what's on that page. The best way to understand them is to look at an example. I'll use the movie schema from [Read more…]