Without Social Media Your SEO Is Going Nowhere

Two years ago you could get your webpages ranked in the search engines if you followed a simple formula. You started with keyword research to find the right keywords, you then wrote content which the search engines loved, and finally you'd build some high-quality links to let Google and others know that people valued that content.

Today, the SEO game has drastically changed. Today, if you want your website to even show up in Google, you need to harness the power of social media. [Read more…]


Creating Lead-Generating Social Media Campaigns

There are three business objectives social media can help fulfill: leads, sales and loyalty. When it comes to lead generation, you need to be careful not to be so pushy that you destroy the loyalty of your potential and ideal clients. To help you craft successful, lead-generating social media campaigns, we've got a free webinar for you. [Read more…]


Applying Direct Response Metrics To Social Media

As with all marketing, social media can help fulfill three business objectives: loyalty, leads and sales. It's part public relations (PR) and community building, part direct response marketing, and part sales channel. Because social media can help with all three business goals, many simultaneously, choosing the right metrics is very important. Today, you're going to see how to use direct response marketing metrics to measure the ROI of your social media efforts. [Read more…]


The Next Evolution Of Content Marketing Is Here

While many companies are struggling with how to use content to effectively market their businesses, many others have been offering free ebooks, videos, and other “ethical bribes” to get people onto their email lists. For more than 5 years, this has been par for the course. And as the amount of free information increases, the perceived value of it goes down. People are becoming less willing to give their information over.

It's time to step up the game; it's time to evolve.

Atomic Tribes from Triberr is that next step in the evolution of content and social media marketing. It takes the best of RSS and email marketing, and adds a crucial social aspect that has been missing.

To effectively use Atomic Tribes, you have got to provide people value well beyond a free ebook. In this short video I show you how to increase the reach and influence of your content on social media. [Read more…]


Breaking: Launches Relationship Management Service for Twitter

If you're read any of my posts on you know I'm a huge fan of the tool and the team behind it. I feel that it's currently the best product on the market to help you leverage Twitter for relationship and business building.

Today, they have some news… [Read more…]


Reduce Dependence on SEO With A Visitor Source Portfolio

If you’re focusing only on SEO, you’re missing out. If you’re sinking all of your ad budget into Google AdWords, you’re missing out. If you are putting all of your eggs in one basket, well, you know what they say…

With the rapid rise of social media platforms some are hailing the demise of email marketing, direct mail, SEO and other client-attraction (or annoyance depending on your view) methods that have been around for quite some time. I say poo poo to all these folks.

Today if you want to ensure that you’re in front of your current and potential ideal clients, what you need to build is a visitor source portfolio. [Read more…]


Digging Insight From Your Twitter Community Like A Miner

A huge thanks to everyone who shared their favorite Twitter tools on my last post about my mistake in unfollowing a ton of people on Twitter. You all provided a lot of great recommendations and it's appreciated.

I checked out every tool I could access and found all of them lacking the deep insight I'm looking for.

So let me clarify in this post just what kind of information I'm looking for and how I'm starting to get it. I'll keep the geekery to a minimum for the technophobes reading this. [Read more…]


Mass Twitter Unfollows – Wrong Answer, Right Problem

I made a big mistake. That mistake was unfollowing a large amount of people on Twitter, and not  just because I lost a number of followers – that was expected. And as with many mistakes this one was done with the right intentions. However what I've come to realize is that I had the wrong solution to the right problem.

The problem is this: how to get value from a massive amount of tweets produced by a large number of people you follower.

When I say “value” what I mean is actionable information that from a business sense can help provide insight and/or direction.

Yes, having a lot of followers appears “good”, although I can easily debate large numbers could be meaningless if people don't take action (click, retweet, purchase) when you tweet. However I'm not here to argue that.

What I'm here to say is that I made a mistake, am reversing course, and going to work on applying technology to this problem. [Read more…]


Expand Your Social Media Reach with HootSuite Apps

Expand your social media reach with HootSuite Apps

HootSuite is my favorite Twitter monitoring tool and I'm sure many of you like using it as well. The ability to monitor different streams based on Twitter lists, Twitter searches and multiple Twitter accounts make HootSuite an invaluable tool to include in your social media arsenal. Even with a free HootSuite account you can access to analytics and two versions of HootSuite's url shortener ( and But the real beauty of HootSuite is that it's use extends far beyond Twitter and allows us to easily monitor and share to widely popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and

HootSuite Apps

Did you know that HootSuite has an apps directory too? Let me show you some of the cool apps you can now add to HootSuite!

In the video you'll see that my favorite apps are YouTube, Summify and Tumblr, but you can also add streams to HootSuite for Flickr, Formulist, Constant Contact and Get Satisfaction. How's that for one little web-based Twitter client!? HootSuite apps are a great addition to the host of resources we can add to our accounts making it easier for use to share our content to any of favorite social networks right from the HootSuite dashboard.

Let's here from you – are you using HootSuite yet? What do you like most about it?


Stop Doing Social Media

Stop doing social media and simply be yourself

Personality. Personality is an advantage that small businesses have over their competition. It's something that large companies lack. Rather than having a personality these companies have a brand. So it's no wonder that a recent eMarketer article reports that companies are having trouble integrating social media into business processes. They aren't set up to be social, which is the key to social media.

My advice to you is this: stop doing social media and mimicking the large corporations that “do social media” rather than building relationships. Use your biggest advantage, namely your ability to be yourself, to your advantage.

If you want to blend in – act like everyone else. If you want to stand out – be yourself.

What do you think?

What is it about your business that attracts customers and clients? Is it your brand or is it you?

Please share your experience and your thoughts about being yourself in the comments below.