Why Is Your Business Using Content Marketing?

Lead generation, thought leadership, market education, and brand awareness, top the chart of reasons for content marketing. There are even more objectives.

In this video, we discuss recent research showing why B2B companies are using content marketing, and why you should too. [Read more…]


How Well You Can Expect Your Website To Convert

Many people ask me what kind of a conversion rate they can expect from their website. It's a very important question, and a metric you absolutely must determine, and stay on top of.

In this video, we discuss survey research for the B2B technology space, and the average conversion rates of different industries. [Read more…]


Turn Everything You Do Into A Blog Post

Your day-to-day experiences are the best source of blog post ideas. The key is to turn the lessons you learn into actionable advice for your ideal clients. [Read more…]


How To Enter A Crowded Market

An excellent friend on Twitter recently asked me if it's possible to enter a crowded market, and if so, how to do it. Well, it is completely possible, and companies and people do it all the time.

Here's how to do it. [Read more…]


Offline Lead Generation Is Still Important

A recent Marketing Sherpa chart shows that 49% of marketers polled believe that offline marketing has become less important. With face-to-face being the best form of communication and selling, is that true?

Moreover, offline marketing is highly relevant for a number of industries where potential clients simply aren't spending much time online (yes, it's true). They read (physical) books, magazines, attend conferences, and more.

[Read more…]


Where Marketing Is Headed In 2013

Currently there is a digital divide forming between small and large businesses. That gap has formed due to the amount and level of technology required to process all the data coming in from analytics, and turning it into actionable information.

Where is marketing going over the next year? Further into technology. [Read more…]


Why Every Type Of Business Needs A Website

Believe it or not, some entrepreneurs don't have a website. they've been relying on a continuous stream of referrals to keep their business alive.

In this video, you'll find out why every business, no matter what type of business it is, needs a website. [Read more…]


Take The Net By Storm With 15-Second Videos

How can you take the netb by storm? One 15-second video at a time. And speaking of videos…

In this video, find out about Tout, and how to create and use 15-second videos to promote you and your business. [Read more…]


Integrate Your Marketing Systems For Massive Productivity

When first starting out, many bootstrapping entrepreneurs don't have the funds to purchase massive marketing automation platforms. Not to fret! Save your money.

In this video I show you how to integrate three systems – your website, Highrise, and Formstack, to streamline your marketing. [Read more…]


Want To Write A Book? Here’s How To Get Started Today

There is no doubt that writing a book is a great way to generate more business. However, many people have trouble starting.

In this video, I'll show you how I got started writing my first Kindle book, and you can too.

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