The Next Evolution Of Content Marketing Is Here

While many companies are struggling with how to use content to effectively market their businesses, many others have been offering free ebooks, videos, and other “ethical bribes” to get people onto their email lists. For more than 5 years, this has been par for the course. And as the amount of free information increases, the perceived value of it goes down. People are becoming less willing to give their information over.

It's time to step up the game; it's time to evolve.

Atomic Tribes from Triberr is that next step in the evolution of content and social media marketing. It takes the best of RSS and email marketing, and adds a crucial social aspect that has been missing.

To effectively use Atomic Tribes, you have got to provide people value well beyond a free ebook. In this short video I show you how to increase the reach and influence of your content on social media.

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Your Invited

Thanks for watching the video. I'd like to invite you to join our Atomic Tribe. As I mentioned in the video, tribe members get:

  1. Exclusive access to our webinar series. Topics include Google AdWords, social media marketing, content curation, marketing business strategy, and many more.
  2. Private beta-access to our upcoming Blog Summaries application. It's like executive summaries for blogs. If you read a ton of blogs or wish you could easily read more and spend less time, Blog Summaries is for you.
  3. Special supporter discounts all Dempsey Marketing products.

Click here to join the Dempsey Marketing Tribe >>

The first webinar is Wednesday, August 8th at 11:30 AM CST. See you then!


  1. it is so ‘in’ e books and white papers and all..

  2. I signed in. How do I sign in Facebook Account?

  3. Thnx for talking about this, Rob.  I would join your tribe twice if I could…..alas, I am only one :-)Btw….We will be adding LinkedIn as well to the existing Twitter and Facebook channels.

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